A huge amount of effort goes into planning our trips and we spend hours working on our itinerary, getting the best flight and hotel prices and finding the best things to see and do. Below is a list of our go to travel resources which we use when preparing for every trip we take: these should be your first stop after our destinations page of course!

For hotel bookings: is one of our favourite hotel booking sites and it’s one of our first stop websites for hotel bookings outside Asia.
Agoda is the best hotel booking website for Aisa and tends to have the widest range of accommodation at the best prices across the region. We also like it for Africa depending on whether it, or has the best prices. is similar to and our other go to outside of Asia. It also has a great loyalty program with one reward night for every ten nights booked.
Airbnb is a great option for groups, areas with limited or expensive accommodation or longer stays. We love feeling local and renting a house or apartment. Use our link for some free bonus credit to get started on Airbnb!

For flight bookings:

We always start out our flight search with Skyscanner. Skyscanner runs a check across the airlines and shows the best prices with filters for things like times and direct flights. Our favourite feature is flights to ‘Everywhere’: put in your dates and it will show the prices for a host of countries. It’s ridiculous how many times we’ve chosen a destination using this!
ITA matrix is amazing when you have a more complex flight request but the downside is you can’t click through to book the flights. We’ve had lots of success finding reasonable business class fares but we’ve had to use our travel agent to book the flights for us when we couldn’t find them anywhere online!

Trip planning:

Tripadvisor is a great starting point for trip research and for getting an overview of the most well known sights. The Tripadvisor forum can be a wealth of information.

Amazon is our one stop shop for everything we need for our travels: travel adapters, photography equipment and travel guides. Basically, every random little thing we need for our travels!

Full to the brim of less well known sights Atlas Obsurca is our hidden gem for travel planning. They also published an awesome book, if, like us, you love coffee table travel literature!

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