DJI Spark: The Best Cases

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The DJI Spark is an amazing drone. Small, compact and with the ability to capture some seriously good video quality it’s one of the best drones on the market. Although it’s small enough to throw it into any bag for easy transport, we recommend upgrading from the case included in the fly more bundle and getting a quality case for it to protect it from damage while you move around. We’ve put together this list of the best DJI Spark cases which vary from the smaller options which allow you to pack the DJI Spark and a few accessories into any bag, to the more robust cases which allow you to carry all your DJI Spark gear in one easy to access case.

DJI Spark Case Types

There are a few different styles of case available for the DJI Spark, depending on the level of protection you require:

  • Compact soft-shell cases: The most basic protection for your drone, these protects it from getting damage while transporting in a bag. At a minimum you’ll be able to carry the drone and 2-3 batteries. These cases are the most discreet and portable of all the cases
  • Large soft-shell cases: A step up in protection, these are dedicated cases which allow you to carry your DJI Spark and all its accessories in one easy to access case. The additional foam protection inside means everything in the case is well padded. These generally need to be carried separately but have the benefit that all your gear is protected and in one easy to reach place.
  • Hard Cases: similar to the soft-shell cases, these cases allow you to carry all your DJI spark gear in one place but the level of protection is increased significantly. The hard shell cases provide foam protection and waterproof/shockproof options which is the best protection for a fragile drone and the reason why hard cases are more expensive than the other case options. The only downside of these hard cases is that they are more bulky to transport.
Drone shot from our trip to Rhodes, Greece

1 | Compact Cases

These cases provide solid protection for your DJI Spark drone while allowing you to carry the drone within another bag. They allow you flexibilty for carrying your drone while offering medium protection against bumps and knocks. You will need to carry some of your accessories separately when using these cases.

PolarPro Case

This compact PolarPro case offer protection for a DJI Spark and up to two spare batteries.This way you can pack the drone and a few key accessories into any bag and have reassurance that it has protection from damage. The PolarPro case is one of the most compact cases for the DJI Spark. It’s super compact and you can easily pop it in any larger bag with your other accessories and you’re good to go – check prices on Amazon

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PolarPro DJI Spark Case XL

If you’re looking for a small case that will also fit the controller and your accessories (including a charger and some batteries) check out PolarPro’s larger XL case. This will hold everything in the DJI Spark Fly-More bundle and then some: the case will hold DJI Spark, the remote, 2 batteries, charger + hub, prop-guards, extra propellers and filters. The removable dividers mean the case is customizable so you can set it up however you like. Elastic straps are included to hold your DJI Spark in place – check prices on Amazon

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Hermitshell Hard EVA Case

The Hermitshell travel comprises of three separate cases: one for your DJI Spark drone and up to two batteries, a second case for up to three batteries and a third case for your DJI Spark controller. This case set is really useful as you can easily protect your main DJI Spark gear while you carrying in another bag. The DJI Spark and controller are particularly fragile so having a protective case is super important – check prices on Amazon!Pin

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2 | Large Soft-Shell Cases

These cases offer solid protection for your drone while allowing you to carry all your gear in one single case.

Smatree Carry Case for DJI Spark

The Smatree is a good budget option for anyone looking and all in one EVA case for your DJI Spark. This case will hold the Spark, three spare batteries, the charger and the remote control. The case also includes a zippered pouch to store additional accessories like a tablet or smartphone – check prices on Amazon now!

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DOUBI Carrying Case

The Doubi is a more premium case which includes space for a 4th spare battery and the propeller guards. Similar to the Smatree the Doubi also includes a zippered pouch to store additional accessories like a tablet or smartphone – check prices on Amazon now!

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Deyard Waterproof Case 

This handy case will hold your DJI Spark drone, 3 batteries, remote control, charger and other accessories in a relatively compact case that can easily fit in your main bag. The foam is pre-cut speficically for the DJI Spark so all your gear will neatly slot into the case – check prices on Amazon!

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Drone photo from our road trip to Lake Bled, Slovenia

3 | Hard-Shell Cases

Hard cases are the ultimate in protection for your DJI Spark. While they are the most bulky and expensive of the available cases they offer the very best protection from dust, water and drops.

Cheerwing WaterProof Hard Case

A great budget option for a hard case, the bright blue Cheerwing still provides excellent protection for your DJI Spark. The external shell of the case is made of hard ABS Material with inner EVA high density sponge cable of protecting your Spark and accessories from a medium height drop. A sealed rubber ring on the groove of the case ensures it remains waterproof – check prices on Amazon!

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Case Club DJI Spark Waterproof Drone Case

The Case Club is a great option for those looking for a compact hard case. This case provides a hard shell exterior but manages to maintain a smaller form factor when compared with other hard cases. The case is waterproof and will hold the Spark, two spare batteries, the charger and some other small accessories inside – check prices on Amazon!Pin

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Nanuk 905 Waterproof Hard Drone Case

For the ultimate protection for your DJI Spark drone look no further than the Nanuk 905 waterproof case. The Nanuk 905 comes with a special insert specifically made for the DJI Spark. The outer shell of the case is made of a high impact resin to dampen any bumps or drops and the soft foam interior makes sure your drone and accessories stay safe. Like all Nanuk cases this comes with a lifetime warranty, has powerful claw latches to ensure the case stays closed and is IP67 waterproof rated meaning is can be submerged at 3ft in water for 30 minutes without leaking. No other DJI Spark case offers this much protection making it the safest case for you DJI Spark. Plus is comes in a range of cool colours: from orange to lime green and yellow – check prices on Amazon!

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So there your have it, our choices for the best DJI Spark cases. We hope you have lots of drone adventures and have fun flying!

Happy droning!


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