9 Best Gaudi Sites in Barcelona (2023)

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Antoni Gaudi is synonymous with Barcelona and every Barcelona itinerary should include visits to his incredible legacy of buildings. From the masterpieces of the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell to the lesser-known Colonial Guell, visiting Gaudi’s works is one of the best things to do in Barcelona. We’ve sought out and visited all of the best Gaudi sites in Barcelona.

Gaudi Buildings in BarcelonaPin
Park Guell was one of our favorite Gaudi sights in Barcelona

The Best Antoni Gaudi Sites in Barcelona

The various works of Gaudi are dotted around Barcelona so it’s worth planning your time in the city to ensure you get to see them all. We recommend buying tickets for the various sites in advance as there are usually long queues at the sites and you can save a lot of time buying in advance.

How many Gaudi sites are there in Barcelona?

Three are 7 buildings of Antoni Gaudi that are officially part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. The buildings making up this designation are Parque Güell, Palacio Güell, Casa Mila, Casa Vicens, the Nativity facade and the crypt of Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and the crypt in Colonia Güell.

There are lots of other incredible Gaudi sites dotted throughout the city, the best of which we’ve included in the list below.

Antoni Gaudi’s Death and legacy

Gaudi’s death was a true tragedy. In 1926, while walking to daily confession, Gaudi was struck by a tram. Due to his ragged clothes and lack of identification he was mistaken for a beggar and received limited medical attention. Three days later the amazing architect passed away amid much mourning in his beloved Barcelona.

No other city’s landscape has been shaped in such a magical way as Gaudi shaped Barcelona. His remains lie in rest in the Sagrada Familia, his wonderful masterpiece that continues to be built to his design today.

1 | Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is symbolic of both Gaudi and Barcelona and stands as his most elaborate and extravagant work in the city. One of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks, the spires of the cathedral dominate the skyline and his work on the exterior invokes furious debate: some consider the building gaudy and over the top while, to others, the intricate detail is a masterpiece. 

To us, this unfinished Gaudi is a gem and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The inside absolutely blew us away with its incredible ceiling and, when the Catalan sun streamed in through the stained glass windows, the entire church was bathed in a kaleidoscope of colours and there was nowhere else we’d rather be. It’s an incredible piece of work and an absolute Gaudi must-see.

Sagrada Familia Tickets

You must purchase tickets to enter the Sagrada Familia in advance of your visit and we recommend buying the priority entrance tickets, with access to Tower. These tickets give you fast entry into the cathedral and access to the tower. The tower has some of the best views in Barcelona. These tickets are great as they are also cancellable up to 24 hours before your visit, giving you flexibility should your travel plans change – check prices now!

Buy your priority tickets for Sagrada Familia now

Gaudi Sites in Barcelona tip: If you’re hoping to score a masterpiece of your own with a capture of Sagrada Familia  you might have to wait some time. The seemingly never ending construction of the church began in 1882 and is scheduled for completion in 2026 with Gaudi famously proclaiming that his client, God, was not in a hurry!

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
The front of the Sagrada Familia
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Stunning ceiling of the Sagrada Familia
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Entrance to the Sagrada Familia

Where to Stay in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe, so hotels are always in high demand. To get the best price and location we recommend booking well in advance. The hotels we recommend in Barcelona are:

Hotel Brummel: A 15 min walk from Las Ramblas, this beautiful boutique hotel is a perfect base for exploring the city. The Hotel Brummel features an outdoor pool – check latest prices now!

Marriott Cotton House: This is where we usually stay when visiting Barcelona this stunning luxury boutique hotel has large, airy rooms, a beautiful terrace for breakfast and stunning views across Barcelona (including views of La Sagrada Familia) from the rooftop pool. Our hotel of choice for a weekend in Barcelona! – check latest prices now!

H10 Casa Mimosa: located next to Gaudi’s Casa Mila, Casa Mimosa is one of the highest rated hotels in Barcelona. It has 3 beautiful outdoor pools and a stunning rooftop bar with views across the city – check latest prices now!

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2 | Park Guell

Park Guell is one of the most stunning parks on the planet and is just one of the many gifts left by Gaudi to the city of Barcelona. A labour of love for Gaudi, the colourful mosaics of Park Guell are a feast for the eyes and the views of Barcelona are an added bonus. We spent hours wandering around the vibrant park and loved every second!

Park Guell Tickets

Park Guell is one of the most popular things to do in Barcelona and there is always a lot of demand for tickets. We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance and for early on the day you plan to visit. The park can get very busy with visitors by late morning each day and the park is much more enjoyable with less people! – check prices now

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Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
The iconic Park Guell shot with its amazing views of Barcelona!
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Our favourite! The multicoloured salamander el drac: the dragon of Park Guell
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
A walk through the arches

3 | Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is like a scene from a Doctor Seuss book: the funky themed rooms, bright colours and dramatic curving architecture make Casa Batllo a truly unique building. The colours are fantastic and Gaudi’s vision for the building is brought to life via a very clever Virtual Reality app which guides visitors through the house.

Casa Batllo Tickets

It’s worth booking your tickets to Casa Batllo before you visit as it will save a lot of time queuing at the entrance. We recommend buying the premium access tickets that include access to the Batllo’s Gold room – check prices now!

Book your Casa Batllo tickets now

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Truly unique Casa Batllo
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
The hallway feels like an optical illusion!
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
The very cool virtual reality app

4 | El Drac de Gaudi at Finca Guell: Dragon Gate

The dragon gate is a unique entrance that Gaudi designed for a private residence. It’s a Gaudi hidden gem, mainly due to its location slightly off the tourist trail and is a really amazing piece of Gaudi’s work. The gate is located at the entrance to Güell Pavilions.

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Gaudi’s Dragon Gate

5 | Church of Colònia Güell: Gaudi’s Crypt

Situated on the outskirts of Barcelona Gaudi’s crypt was one of the highlights of our Gaudi adventures. The unfinished church is the culmination of all Gaudi’s signature styles crammed into one building. During most of our visit we were the only people there and it was such a treat: it’s not every day we have a Gaudi work all to ourselves!

Barcelona sightseeing tip: Although Gaudi’s crypt is located on the outskirts of Barcelona we highly recommend visiting. It was one of our favourite Gaudi sights.

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
The stunning Church of Colònia Güell
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Gaudi’s signature style shines through

6 | Gaudi House Museum at Park Guell

Gaudi lived in the House Museum from 1906 to 1925 and the house still includes the original furniture used by Gaudi. Having lived there until a year prior to his death it’s an interesting insight into to the man himself.

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Gaudi’s house
Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
The bedroom at the Gaudi house

7 | Casa Mila 

Known as the stone quarry due to its resemblance to the facade of an open quarry, Casa Mila was the last work designed by Gaudi before he committed himself to the Sagrada Familia. The building is a fairytale of shapes and colours and the chimneys are as quirky as they are beautiful. Another Gaudi must visit in Barcelona!

Casa Mila Tickets

Similar to the other Gaudi sights in Barcelona we recommend purchasing your tickets for Casa Mila before you visit. You can buy skip-the-line tickets which will save you time when you arrive. Casa Mila hosts a light show in the evening (La Pedrera) with music and dancing lights bringing the building to life. You can secure these tickets also in advance – check prices now!

Buy your Casa Mila tickets now

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Casa Mila

8 | Casa Calvet

Casa Calvet is one of Gaudi’s earliest works and the building gave us some serious apartment envy!

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Casa Calvet

9 | Palau Güell

A magnificent Gaudi Art Nouveau building located just off Las Ramblas. The large oval entrances were designed to allow entry by horse carriage which conjures up deserved images of grandeur!

Antoni Gaudi Sites in BarcelonaPin
Palau Güell
Barcelona Gaudi Must See Sights-35Pin
The eerie Palau Güell

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