Photoblog: A Tribute to 5 Pointz street art, New York

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On a recent trip to New York we were lucky enough to check out 5 Pointz, a world famous graffiti mecca used by thousands of street artists. The exterior of the warehouse complex in Queens hosted over 1500 pieces of art from 300 artists around the world and was hugely popular with both tourists and art fans.


With plans to redevelop the building, the owners of 5 Pointz were granted permission to demolish the property in August 2013 and have faced huge opposition to the decision. Even Banksy got in on the action, signing off his month long New York residency with a call to save the iconic graffiti platform. In a surprise move, the owners of 5 Pointz brought in a crew of painters overnight and whitewashed decades of street art history.

Click on the photoblog gallery for a look at 5 Pointz before it was whitewashed:

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