Everything Stitch at Disneyland Paris! (2024)

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The adorable and mischievous Stitch is one of the highlights of Disneyland Paris and there’s a whole lot of Stitch fun to be had when visiting! From his wonderful meet and greet to Stitch-themed snacks, Stitch merchandise and a Stitch live show, we’ve got you covered for where to find everything Stitch at Disneyland Paris!

Stitch at Disneyland Paris tip: Stitch is back! As of February 23 2024 Stitch is greeting guests at the Old Mill (beside the Princess Pavillion/at the back of the Teacups). This is the first time Stitch has greeted guests since February 9th 2024 – this coincided with the launch of A Million Splashes of Colour, a parade/daytime show in which Stitch appears 4 times daily – here’s hoping the Stitch meet and greet becomes a long term fixture at the Old Mill as he was very missed!

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Stitch at Disneyland Paris

1 | Stitch Meet and Greet at Disneyland Paris

Location: Old Mill, Disneyland Park (as at Feb 23 2024, this might be a one off)
Times: not listed on app

Stitch hosts one of the most popular meet-and-greets at Disneyland Paris and he is always so much fun to interact with. Our kids absolutely adore meeting Stitch and we always have such a lovely time with him.

He is hugely popular and his line can often extend to over 1.5/2 hours so make sure to budget plenty of time if you are determined to meet Stitch – he is most definitely worth the wait!

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Meeting Stitch at Disneyland Paris

Stitch at Extra Magic Hour

Summer 2024 Update: As of Summer 2024 Stitch hasn’t been hosting a meet and greet regularly. In Spring 2024, he was often seen greeting guests at the Old Mill (beside the Princess Pavillion/at the back of the Teacups). This coincides with the launch of A Million Splashes of Colour, a parade/daytime show in which Stitch appears daily – here’s hoping the Stitch meet and greet returns soon as he is very missed!

Stitch often arrived for his meet and greet at the beginning of Extra Magic Hour so if you do see him get in the line – you can ask a Cast Member to find out his plans. Given the infrequency of Stitch’s meet and greet recently, we’d recommend joining the line to see him whenever he is there – just in case Stitch isn’t meeting every day and you miss out!

If Stitch does resume meeting guests during Extra Magic Hour at the Old Mill, make sure you arrive early. The line still fills up really quickly, even during Extra Magic Hour at Disneyland Paris. Make sure you are over at the park early (at least 15/30 minutes before Extra Magic Hour begins) if you want to be one of the first in line for Stitch. When the park opens to guests make your way straight to the Stitch Meet and Greet as soon as you pass through the ticket turnstiles.

If you arrive a little later then check how the line is when you arrive in the Park as Stitch’s line can still be really long even during Extra Magic Hour.

Stitch at Disneyland Paris tip: guests staying at the Disneyland Paris hotels are granted access to the parks 1 hour before the regular opening time – this benefit is known as Extra Magic Hour. It allows Disney hotel guests to enjoy the parks when they are less crowded and have lower wait times. It’s a great opportunity to ride the most pouplar rides like Spider-Man Web Adventure, Crush’s Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan. Usually, there are two meet and greets that start during Extra Magic Hour – at the moment it’s Winnie the Pooh in Town Square and Pluto in front of Plaza Garden. It’s one of our favourite perks of staying onsite at Disneyland Paris – check hotel prices here!

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Main Street U.S.A at the start of Extra Magic Hour in Disneyland Paris

Our experience meeting Stitch at Disneyland Paris

We last saw Stitch in the parks in February 2024. We arrived at the park entrance around 8am and managed to join the Stitch Meet and Greet line second from the top (he was still meeting at Casey’s Corner at the beginning of February. We greeted Stitch with ‘Aloha’ which he loved and he admired one of our children’s Stitch T-shirts and made a huge fuss over the word Ohana on the t-shirt. Stitch was amazing with our 1 year old and gave her lots of hugs and danced with her and our other 2 children.

On our most recent visit in June 2024 Stitch wasn’t meeting guests although he did appear in A Million Splashes of Colour show daily.

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Our kids love meeting Stitch

Stitch Meet and Greet with DAS Pass

For holders of a DAS Pass, the Cast Member will issue a return time for meeting Stitch. These can book up really quickly so make sure to reserve a return time as early as possible – the slots start to fill up during Extra Magic Hour (if he is out at this time) so we’d recommend stopping by as soon as you enter the park.

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Entrance to the Stitch Meet and Greet

Christmas and Halloween Stitch

Stitch dresses up for Halloween and Christmas and his meet-and-greet area is also styled for the season! We met Stitch on the first day he switched to his Halloween outfit in 2023 and it was amazing!

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Stitch dresses up for Halloween

Will Stitch return to Casey’s Corner?

It’s unlikely that Stitch will return to Casey’s Corner as a gazebo is being constructed at that meet-and-greet location. Also, Stitch couldn’t greet guests there during the 4 x daily parades as he’s one of the stars and can’t be in two places at once!

2 | Stitch Live!

Location: Production Courtyard, Walt Disney Studios
Times: every 20 minutes from10am (see app for English/French showtimes)

Stich Live! is a live show where an on-screen animated Stitch interacts with the audience having fun with both children and adults alike. Stitch is on board a stolen space cruiser and a Cast Member talks to him via satellite link-up. Kids are invited to sit on cushions at the front of the theatre and Stitch calls on some audience members (adults and kids) to ask some questions and his responses will raise a giggle!

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Stitch Live!

Shows take place every 20 minutes from 10am and are around 15 minutes long. The majority of the Stitch Live! shows are in French but there are some English shows during the day – check the app for the specific times on the day you are visiting.

Stitch at Disneyland Paris tip: Stitch Live! is one of many fabulous shows in Disneyland Paris. In Walt Disney Studios there is Together: a Pixar Musical, Mickey and the Magician, The Disney Junior Dream Factory and Frozen: a Musical Invitation. The Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands is in the Frontierland Theatre in Disneyland Park.

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Mickey and the Magician at Disneyland Paris

3 | Stitch Ice Cream

Location: Disney Village
Price: €5.50

An adorable sweet treat for Stitch fans! Glace Stitch is comprised of vanilla ice cream, blue topping and some cute pink Stitch ears. It’s a simple snack but it delights our little Stitch fans every time we visit!

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Enjoying some Stitch Ice Cream in the Disney Village

4 | Stitch Goodies

Stitch merchandise is available across Disneyland Paris. You can find everything from Stitch Plushes to shoulder buddies, money boxes, water bottles and ears.

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Stitch merchandise at Disneyland Paris

Stitch at Disneyland Paris tip: shoulder buddies are extremly popular at Disneyland Paris and stock can sell out relatively quickly. We found some in the Emporium on Main Street on our last visit (September 2023) but apparently they don’t stick around for long! Ask an instore Cast Member if you are searching for a shoulder buddie during your visit.

Stitch at Disneyland ParisPin
Angel is also popular in the stores

5 | Parades

Stitch is one of the stars of A Million Splashes of Colour, a parade/daytime show that takes place 4 times daily in Disneyland Paris.

During the Christmas Season, Stitch joined Mickey Mouse on his float in the magical Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade. In 2023, Stitch also appeared in the Pride Parade during Disneyland Paris’ huge celebration for Disneyland Paris Pride.

Stitch joined Mickey in Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade last year

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