15 Best Instagram Spots in Cappadocia (2024)

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With its whimsical landscape, ethereal beauty and balloon filled sky Cappadocia is an Instagram dream and there are some incredible Instagram shots just waiting to be captured across the region.  We’ve put together this list of our favourite Instagram worthy spots in Cappadocia to help you find some of the most photogenic and Instagrammable locations.  From hot air balloons dancing in the sky to fairy chimney-filled valleys, we hope you have as much fun as we did visiting some of the best Instagram spots in Cappadocia!

The Best Instagram worthy spots in Cappadocia

From the magical balloons to the stunning landscapes these are our 15 best Instagram spots in Cappadocia!

1 | Sultan Cave Suites

The Sultan Cave Suites were made Instagram famous after a roof top photo shoot went viral so its fitting that its roof terrace is one of the ultimate Instagram spots in Cappadocia. As the sun rises over Cappadocia the colourful hot air balloons float over the hotel in every direction and the views are truly breathtaking.

Cappadocia Instagram tip: the roof terrace in the Sultan Cave Suites are extremely popular due to its Instagram fame and access is now restricted to guests. The staff regularly checked to ensure that it was guests only on the rooftop so if you want to experience the roof terrace at Sultan it’s probably best to reserve a room check prices here

Sunrise at Sultan Cave Suites

The roof terrace at Sultan is set up to ensure its guests capture Instagram worthy images – there are colourful rugs and cushions lining the terrace as well as a photogenic breakfast spread which makes for a picture perfect scene against the backdrop of the hot air balloons dancing in the sky.

Sultan Cave Suites

We were so excited when Izmir, who was the hotel’s gorgeous dog, made a superstar appearance on the rooftop and posed for some photos next to Elaine.

Sultan Cave Suites

Renting A Car in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a vast area to explore and we found it invaluable having a rental car to explore the area. It avoided the time and cost of taxis and gave us the freedom to explore Cappadocia on our own schedule. We rented a car in Turkey as part of our overall Turkey Itinerary, however even if Cappadocia was our only destination we still would have rented a car there. We generally use RentalCars.com for all our car rentals and they have a great selection of cars at Cappadocia airport, Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport.

Having a rental car allowed us to visit so many beautiful places in Cappadocia before and after the crowds to get beautiful views and great photos. 

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2 | Panoramic Viewpoint (Red Valley)

Overlooking the ethereal landscape of Red Valley, the sunset views from the Panoramic Viewpoint in Goreme are epic. As the sun sets on another Cappadocia day Red Valley basks in a warm glow and acquires an other worldly feel. The dramatic landscape and perfect light together with panoramic views make for some amazing Instagram pictures.

Instagram Spots Cappadocia tip: The views of red valley are visible from the road side but our favourite Instagram spot was the Crazy Ali Panorama Cafe. The views were incredible and there are love seats and rock side couches with perfect panoramic views of the valley.

Panoramic Viewpoint

3 | Galerie Ikman

If Aladdin was purchasing a magic carpet his first stop would be Galerie Ikman! The open air carpet shop has thousands of colourful carpets lining its towering walls and there’s a fairy chimney in the background – it’s an Instagram dream.

Instagram Spots Cappadocia tipplease be courteous and ask permission if you wish to take photos in Galerie Ikman – remember that its first and foremost a carpet shop and a place of business.

Galerie Ikman

4 | The Balloon Launch Site

On a busy morning in Cappadocia over one hundred balloons take off for a sunrise flight and the launch site is a magical place for photos. The morning sky lights up as the huge balloons are fired up and, as they take flight, they are so close you can almost touch them. After the balloons take off hop in your car/jump on your bike and follow them to higher ground for incredible panoramic shots which are more than Instagram worthy.

Instagram Spots Cappadocia tip the balloons depart from different locations depending on the wind patterns so check with your hotel or one of the balloon companies where they are planning to launch from the following morning.

Ready for the balloons to launch

5 | The Rox Cappadocia

Located next to Uchisar Castle, the highest point in Cappodica, the rooftop at the Rox Cappadocia has sweeping views of Mount Erciyes and the valley. The rooftop is entirely Instagrammable with a straw love seat, a ‘Life is good’ inspirational quote and a neon pink tut tuk. The cave rooms are also a treat. It’s an excellent spot for sunrise balloon shots across the valley or an evening sundowner on the roof terrace –  check prices for the Rox Cappadoica!

Rox Cappadocia

It’s not just the roof top that is an Instagram dream at the Rox, the courtyard outside our cave suite was so cute and quirky. I couldn’t resist some picks with J on the love seat!

Rox Cappadocia

Pink tuk tuk…check! Straw love seat… check! Vintage accessories….check! Epic views over the Cappadocia valleys and Mount Erciyes….check! The Rox is an Instagram lovers dream!

Rox Cappadocia

6 | The Balloon Landing Site

After capturing the balloons dancing in the sky from the roof terrace at the Sultan Cave Suites we hopped in our car and drove to Love Valley to watch the balloons come back down to earth. Love Valley is a magical place especially so when over one hundred balloons return from their morning sunrise flight over Cappadocia. The morning light is perfect to photograph the array of colorful balloons up close and personal and the backdrop of the valley allows for dramatic shots illustrating the huge size of the hot air balloons as they land.

The balloon landing site

7 | Hot Air Balloon Ride

The dramatic and magical landscapes of Cappadocia make flying in a hot air balloon an absolute bucket list Cappadocia experience and the Instagram opportunities are abundant from the sky.

On a busy day, around 150 balloons dance above Cappadocia and, if you take to the air, you can capture the balloon filled sky from the perfect vantage point. We weren’t able to fly as our little 5 month old was too young for the balloons but we’ve seen some epic Instagram pics which you need to capture if a balloon ride is on your bucket list!

Instagram Spots Cappadocia tipthe capacity of the hot air balloon varies so try and book a spot on one of the smaller capacity balloon hot air balloon rides to give you the best chance of capturing an Instagram worthy shot.

The views from the balloons are incredible

8 | Uchisar castle

The highest point in Cappadocia and visible from all over the region Uçhisar Castle rises dramatically out of the rock on a hilltop overlooking Uchisar Village. It’s an Instagram dream due to both the panoramic views across Cappadocia as well as the quirky castle itself.

Uchisar Village

9 | Sunset Point, Goreme

A few minutes from the centre of Goreme Sunset Point, or Lover’s Hill as it’s also known as, offers panoramic views across Goreme. It’s the perfect vantage point from which to capture the dramatic Cappadoica landscape and it’s also a great choice for watching the balloons take off at sunrise.

Instagram Spots Cappadocia tip the walk up to Sunset Point is enjoyable but it is steep so might be challenging in the heat. We saw people arrive on horseback and in cars as well as by foot!

Sunset Point, Goreme

10 | Deverent (Pink) Valley

Deverent Valley, also known as Pink Valley and Imagination Valley, is exactly how I imagine the landscape of the moon. If you use your imagination (hence the name Imagination Valley!) you can make out rock formations in the shape of a camel and kissing ducks.

Pink Valley

11 | The Museum Hotel

The Museum hotel in Uçhisar is another Cappadoica Instagram favourite.  It boasts incredible views over the surrounding valleys and the roman ruins scattered throughout the grounds make for some unique photo opportunities. The hotel is based on the concept of a living museum and even the rooms contain relics. – check prices for The Museum Hotel!

Museum Hotel
Museum Hotel
Museum Hotel

12 | The Fairy Chimneys

A million years in the making, Fairy Chimneys are dotted across the Cappadocia landscape and were once a refuge for Christians fleeing to Cappadocia during the Roman times. The chimneys stand at over 100 feet tall and and the towering rock formations make for great photos that are straight out of a fairy tale world.

The Fairy Chimneys

13 | Sultan Carpets

A treasure trove of bright and colourful rooms overflowing with carpets, Sultan Carpets is another great Instagram location and the owner is fantastic. The main room is open air and makes for great pictures.

Instagram Spots Cappadocia tipplease be courteous and ask permission if you wish to take photos in Sultan Carpets – remember that its first and foremost a carpet shop and a place of business.

Sultan Carpets

14 | The Cave Hotels

Cave hotels are a Cappadocia specialty. If you’re wondering what a cave hotel is: it’s accommodation built into the sprawling Cappadocia rock formations and, aside from the amazing pictures, we recommend experiencing sleeping in a cave if you have the chance!

Rox Cappadocia

We stayed in cave rooms in the Sultan Cave Suites (check prices here), the Rox Cappadocia (check prices here) and the Taskonaklar Hotel (check prices here). If you celebrating a special occasion check out the Museum Hotel (check prices here). The boutique style hotels are other worldy and are an awesome addition to any Instagram feed.

Taskonaklar Hotel

15 | The Three Beauties (Üç Güzeller)

Sometimes referred to as the Three Graces, the three beauties are a trio of fairy chimneys which are said to represent a princess, her shepherd husband and their child. Her father, the King, was unhappy with her choice of suitor and ordered for the killing of the princess and her family.

She begged God to make them a stone or a bird and, as legend has it, they were transformed into the three fairy chimney’s which watch over the town of Urgup today. The chimney’s are a symbol of Cappadocia and a beautiful image of the region.

The Three Beauties

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