16 Best Things to do in Mostar (2023)

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Named after the bridge keepers who guarded the Stari Most in medieval times, Mostar is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most popular cities. Home to the iconic Stari Most Bridge, the Old Town of Mostar is a highlight of any visit and the city still houses many fascinating glimpses into its devastating past.

After exploring Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina on our Balkans road trip we’ve put together our sightseeing guide to Mostar: it’s a guide to our 16 best things to do in Mostar

Things to do in MostarPin
Stari Most is stunning

Things to do in Mostar

We loved our time in Mostar and highly recommend spending some time in this beautiful town. We’ve put together all our favorite places in and around the old town of Mostar.

1 | Stari Most, The Old Bridge

Stari Most is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most famous landmarks and its compelling history and lively culture mean it features highly in a visit to Mostar. The bridge swoops over the Neretva River and was rebuilt in 2004 after the original Old Bridge, which stood for over 400 years, was destroyed in the Bosnian War. Images and videos of the original masterpiece and its resulting devastation are abundant throughout the city.

Stari Most is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Early morning Stari Most

Where to stay in Mostar

Mostar is a popular day trip from Dubrovnik but the city is well worth an overnight stay. We recommend staying in Mostar’s Old Town when you are passing through.

  • Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Cuprija: steps away from Stari Most, this cosy hotel is a great choice in the heart of Mostar – check prices here!
  • Hotel Blagaj: 10km outside of Mostar, Hotel Blagaj is located beside the beautiful Blagaj Tekke Monastery, It is a very reasonably priced option with good food and basic but well equipped rooms. As we had a rental car to travel this was the perfect choice for us – check prices here!
  • Bosnian National Monument Muslibegovic House Hotel: a museum, National Monument and hotel, Muslibegovic House is decorated in traditional Bosnian-Ottoman style and offers a unique stay in the Old Town – check prices here!

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 2 | The Old Bazaar

Winding along the cobbled streets of the Old Town, the Old Bazaar dates back to the 16th Century and is full to the brim of traditional restaurants, craft stores, trinkets and souvenirs. The market stretches across both sides of the Stari Most which divides the Muslim and Croat sides of the city.

A wander through the Bazaar is a must do in Mostar and the crowded, colourful streets and lively atmosphere add to its appeal. We loved spending time wandering through the bazaar picking up trinkets and souvenirs of our travels.

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The colourful stalls of the Old Bazaar
Things to do in MostarPin
Trinkets and souvenirs line the cobbled streets

3 | Never Forget

In memory of its devastating history stones declaring ‘Don’t Forget’ are found throughout the city. One is placed at the entrance to the Stari Most with the worlds ‘Don’t Forget 93’ when the bridge was destroyed during the Siege of Mostar.

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At the Stari Most
Things to do in MostarPin
The Don’t Forget stones

4 | Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque

The Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Mostar and is visible across the city. The mosque is beautiful and colourful in its interior and visitor can enter through the picturesque courtyard and climb the stairs to the top of the minaret for the best views of the city.

Mostar sightseeing tip: we found the climb to the top of the minaret to be a little claustrophobic but entirely worth it for the views.

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The Mosque from Stari Most
Things to do in MostarPin
The stunning view of Mostar from the minaret

5 | Kriva Cuprija, The Crooked Bridge

Mostar’s Crooked Bridge is a miniature Stari Most and the picturesque bridge is set in the lovely surroundings of the Old Town. The bridge is said to have been a trial run for the construction of the Stari Most.

6 | Neretva River

The Neretva River runs through Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the clear, turquoise waters pass through Mostar and under its Stari Most Bridge dividing the beautiful Old Town. We loved watching the comings and goings around the river and admiring its turquoise green waters.

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This Neretva River cutting through Mostar

7 | Watch the bridge drivers

If you spend some time around the Stari Most you’re sure to see some of Mostar’s famous bridge divers, who leap gracefully from its dizzy heights, in action. Divers have been jumping from the bridge for over 450 years and, nowadays, a group of local divers take turns to please the crowd with their leaps having collected a sufficient donation from the bystanders. Watch in awe at the three-second freefall before the divers reach the cool waters of the Neretva River below. This was one of our favourite things to do in Mostar!

Mostar sightseeing tip: if you want to dive from the Stari Most then head to the local diving club where members will train you up for the giant leap!

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The divers are beautiful to watch
Things to do in MostarPin
Three seconds later!

8 | Lunch with a view

The Old Town is crammed full of traditional restaurants serving local delicacies and the famous Bosnian coffee. Grab one of the coveted terrace tables with gorgeous views of the river and the Stari Most and drink in those views, bliss! We were even lucky enough to see some divers in action as we ate!

Mostar sightseeing tip: our favourite was Restoran Lagero with its awesome views and relaxed vibe.

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Those views!

9 | The War Photo Exhibition

Located in the Western Town high above the Stari Most, the War Photo Exhibition houses 50 incredible images from the Bosnia War. The exhibition is a fascinating insight into Mostar’s daily life at the time and is well worth the 3 Euro entry fee.

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The Helebija tower which houses the War Photo Exhibition

10 | Lucki Most Bridge

For a great view of the Stari Most make your way south of the Old Bridge to Lucki Most. It’s a great spot to capture pictures of the Old Town and its bridge.

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The view from Lucki Most

11 | Muslibegovic House

One of the most fascinating buildings in Mostar, Muslibegovic House is a museum, National Monument and a hotel. It is decorated in traditional Bosnian-Ottoman style and the interior has been preserved wonderfully. If you want to experience a piece of Mostar history, it’s possible to stay in one of the 12 luxurious bedrooms – check prices here!

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12 | The old houses of Mostar

Mostar is a fascinating mix of old and new and a walk through the city streets provides a fascinating insight into its devastating past. Derelict buildings riddled with bullet holes are a stark reminder of the dark times the city has experienced.

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Bullet riddled buildings in Mostar

Things to do close to Mostar:

13 | Blagaj Monastery

Sitting at the base of a cliff alongside the Buna river, the 600-year-old Blagaj Tekke monastery was built for the Dervish cults. The picturesque monastery is surrounded by restaurants and souvenir stalls and it’s possible to enter the monastery for a small fee.

Mostar sightseeing tip: Blagaj is a short journey from Mostar and a popular excursion from the city.


14 | Kravice Falls

Stretching over 100m, the cascading Kravice Falls are one of the largest waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The beautiful waterfalls have a natural pool at the base and are a popular swimming spot and an excellent day trip just 40km from Mostar.

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Kravice Falls are stunning

15 | Radimlja Necropolis

The Radimlja Necropils contains many well preserved and decorated stećci, the monumental medieval tomb stones located across Bosnia and Herzegovina which date back to the 1480s and 16th centuries. About 30 minutes from Mostar by car, the Necropolis was an essential stop as part of our mission to visit every UNESCO in the world!

16 | Počitelj

The ancient fortress village of Počitelj is a picturesque stop on the way to Mostar. The village cascades down the hillside and it’s possible to climb the iconic Gavrakapetan Tower in the remains of the Utvrda Fortress.

Things to do in MostarPin
A birds eye view of Počitelj

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