Buza Bar Dubrovnik

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Buza and Buza II are cliff bars which are hidden under the ancient city walls of the Dubrovnik Old Town. Buza is the perfect spot to enjoy a cold afternoon drink or a sundowner while enjoying the incredible views. Cold drinks, cliff jumping and epic ocean views make the cliff bars a Dubrovnik hidden gem and a must do in the Old Town!

Buza II DubrovnikPin
A drink with a view at Buza

Buza and Buza II

Buza and Buza II, which literally translate as ‘hole’ and ‘hole II’, are Dubrovnik cliff bars which are accessed through a hole in the wall. The understated entrances do little to hint at the beauty of what lies on the other side. As you emerge into Buza the cliffside is dotted with Buza patrons enjoying a drink, a swim and enjoying the stunning views overlooking the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Having a drink at either of the Buza bars is one of our favourite things to do in Dubrovnik!


The original Dubrovnik cliff bar, Buza, has a tiered seating area and is close to the water. There are steps leading down to the sea which allow for a cooling dip. It’s fun to watch some of the braver customers jump from the rocks!

Buza Bar DubrovnikPin
The original Buza

Buza II

Buza II has a smaller terrace located higher above the sea and a wall declaring ‘No nudists’ leads the way in. It’s possible to swim between the two Buza bars but the higher vantage point means fewer swim or jump in from Buza II.

Buza II DubrovnikPin
Buza II

Buza tip: Buza is a popular spot for cliff jumping from the city walls. Please, please be careful and remember: swim before drinks!

What to expect at Buza

Wedged on the cliff under the city walls, both Buza Bars are small and simple. The Buza bars are incredible but they are all about enjoying a cold drink and an awesome view. Buza doesn’t promise anything more than that and that is its charm!

Buza Dubrovnik entrancePin
A peek at the beautiful views from Buza!


The prices are expensive but not any more so than the rest of Dubrovnik Old Town. The facilities and service at Buza are basic. The drinks selection is limited with a choice of beer, soda, cider, wine and water.  Drinks are served in plastic glasses and mixed drinks are not available.

Buza II

Buza II is similar although drinks are available in glasses.

Buza Dubrovnik tip: Buza is a cash only bar.

What is the Best time to visit Buza

Sunset is our favourite time to visit Buza as the Dubrovnik sunsets are stunning.  However, the endless views mean its beautiful during any of the daylight hours. It’s also gorgeous after dark when the moon illuminates the sea and the Adriatic waves lap against the cliff side.

Buza Dubrovnik tip: Both Buza bars get very busy so make sure to arrive early if you want to grab a seat for sunset.


How to get to Buza Dubrovnik

Getting to Buza and Buza II can be a challenge: both Buza bars are located through two holes in the outer walls of Dubrovnik Old Town. The Buza bars are easily visible from a walk along the city walls but it’s all too easy to get lost in the maze of Old Town streets when trying to find them.

The easiest way to reach both bars is a short walk from the Church of Saint Blaise at the end of the Stradun main street. This is the starting point on the walking route below. From here head up towards the steps passing the Rectors Palace on the left. Head up the steps of the Jesuit staircase to the front of the Dubrovnik Cathedral.

Buza Dubrovnik tip: you might recognise the Jesuit staircase from Game of Thrones. The staircase doubles as the Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing and is the setting of Cersei’s infamous Walk of Shame. It’s one of the most recognisable Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik.

At this point, the route diverges for each of the Buza Bars.

How to get to Buza DubrovnikPin
Start at the Church of Saint Blaise
How to get to Buza DubrovnikPin
Pass by the Rectors Palace
How to get to Buza DubrovnikPin
Climb the Jesuit Staircase
How to get to Buza DubrovnikPin
Dubrovnik Cathedral

How to get to Buza 

For Buza Bar (named as Bard Mala Buza on the map): take the street on the left as you face the entrance of Dubrovnik Cathedral.  Continue down this street until you reach the outer city wall and spot a small gate in the wall. This is the entrance to Buza Bar.


How to get to Buza II

For Buza Bar (named as Buza Bar on the map): for Buza Bar II the route is a little tricker but the walk is very short from the cathedral. Continue around the side of Dubrovnik Cathedral to the street that runs alongside the south side of the cathedral. Keep going straight: you will pass two street crossings before the street turns to the left. You will then reach the street that runs alongside the outer wall. It is here you will see a small black metal gate at the entrance to the wall. This is the entrance to Buza Bar II.

Buza entrance DubrovnikPin
The entrance to Buza II

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