Cappadocia Hotels with Best Views of the Balloons (2024)

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It’s the ultimate image of Cappadocia: the fairytale landscape dotted with hot air balloons! Watching the sunrise against the backdrop a hot air balloon-filled sky was at the top of our Cappadocia bucket list and we made it our mission to find the best places to stay in Cappadocia with a view of the hot air balloons.

In our pursuit of finding the hotels with the best views in Cappadocia, we stayed in three different hotels so we could experience the whimsical display from the best vantage points!  Standing on our hotel roof terraces while the morning sky lit up and balloons passed overhead was a truly magical experience and we wanted to share our top picks: this is our guide to the best hotels with a view in Cappadocia, we hope you have a magical experience too!

Make sure to book your Cappadocia hotel well in advance: hotels in Cappadocia are typically boutique style with a small number of rooms and the hotels below usually sell out well in advance especially in peak season.

A Cappadocia balloon ride is magical

Cappadocia Hotels with Best View of the Balloons

1 | Sultan Cave Suites, Goreme

Sultan Cave Suites is best for: the best view of the balloons in Cappadocia, Instagrammers and dog lovers

The roof terrace at the Instagram-famous Sultan Cave Suites in Goreme is the ultimate spot to watch the sunrise and the hot air balloons in Cappadocia – check prices for Sultan Cave Suites!

Balloons dancing in the sky! Our view from the Sultan Cave Suites

It’s absolutely deserving of the hype: the balloons pass over the hotel in every direction and the views are truly breathtaking. The rooftop is setup with rugs and cushions as well as a breakfast spread which makes for a picture perfect backdrop to the balloon filled sky. Izmir, Sultan’s resident dog, makes frequent appearances and is as much of a crowd pleaser as the balloons when she sits in for photos!

The morning we spent on the roof terrace at the Sultan Cave Suites is among our favourite memories of Cappadocia and the images we captured are incredible!

The roof terraces in the Sultan Cave Suites are extremely popular due to its Instagram fame and access is now restricted to guests. The staff regularly checked to ensure that it was guests only on the rooftop so if you want to experience the roof terrace at Sultan it’s probably best to reserve a room.

We stayed in the most basic room, a junior suite, and it was a clean, spacious and warm cave room with a good breakfast included in the rate.

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Our room at the Sultan Cave Suites
The ultimate Instagram spot!

2 | Mithra Cave Hotel, Goreme

Mithra Cave Hotel is best for: excellent view of the balloons, budget friendly and dog lovers

The next door neighbour of the Sultan Cave Suites, the Mithra Cave Hotel also offers excellent panoramic views of the hot air balloons but it’s possible to secure rooms at lower rates – check prices at Mithra Cave Hotel!

While the rooftop at the Sultan Cave Suites has an ever so slightly better vantage point for the hot air balloons the terraces at Mithra are a great, and often more budget friendly, option. Mithra also has a resident dog and rooms range from basic cave rooms to two bedroom cave suites.

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The Mithra terrace is visible behind Dave in this photo – he’s chilling with Izmir on the rooftop of the Sultan Cave Suites

3 | The Museum Hotel, Uçhisar

Museum Hotel is best for: the balloons against the backdrop of the whimsical Cappadocia valleys, special occasions The ultimate in Cappadocia luxury, the Museum Hotel is located in Uçhisar and boasts incredible views over the surrounding valleys – check prices for The Museum Hotel! The view of the hot air balloons from the hotel’s Roman Pool is breathtaking and the roman ruins scattered throughout the grounds make for some unique photo opportunities. The hotel is based on the concept of a living museum and even the rooms contain relics. We so wanted to stay at the Museum Hotel but we weren’t able to reserve a room as guests at the Museum Hotel must be age 12 or over and we were travelling with our 5 month old.

For a real treat book the harem cave suite: the room has a constant flow of wine with a red wine tap and a white wine tap ready to deliver

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Museum Hotel
Museum Hotel
Museum Hotel
Museum Hotel


4 | Rox Cappadocia

Rox Cappadocia is best for: fantastic views of the balloons passing over the valleys, Instagrammers and fantastic service

Located next to Uchisar Castle, the highest point in Cappadocia, we spent part of our Cappadocia stay at the Rox Cappadocia and the sweeping views of Mount Erciyes and the valley below make it the perfect sunrise choice to view the hot air balloons – check prices for the Rox Cappadoica!

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The roof terrace at the Rox Cappadocia

With just 6 rooms the Rox is a family run hotel and the owner is amazing at taking care of guests and made us feel instantly at home.  Our cave suite was beautifully decorated, spacious and cosy and the breakfast was one of our favourites from our time in Turkey.

Our cave suite at the Rox

The quirky decor of the roof terrace makes for great sun rise shots and, from the ‘Life is Beautiful quote’ to the straw love seat, is an Instagram dream!

The Instagram worthy roof terrace with its incredible views over the valley.

5 | Doors of Cappadocia, Goreme

Doors of Cappadocia is best for: fantastic views of the balloons and swimming pool with amazing view

Another Goreme contender for our hotel with the best view of the hot air balloons – check prices at Doors of Cappadocia! The rooftop at Doors of Cappadocia has commanding views over the valley and the balloons passing by at sunrise. The best part is the rooftop pool and, if you’re after incredible photographs, the balloons and the pool make for the perfect combination.

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Uchisar or Goreme?

They’re both fab! The village of Uchisar is the highest point in Cappadocia and commands panoramic views across Cappadocia and its valleys. The town of Goreme is larger but its landscape is still magical with fairy chimneys popping up between the cave hotels and the balloons surround the hotels in all directions. Aside from the balloon views, Goreme is busier and more tourist focused while Uchisar has a more boutique and quieter feel.

Dave preferred the panoramic views of the valleys from Uchisar while I loved being surrounded by the balloons in Goreme!

Dramatic landscapes in Uchisar
Fairy chimneys popping up in Goreme

Hotels in Cappadocia book out well in advance so if our favourites our fully booked these hotels have great views of the balloons:

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2 thoughts on “Cappadocia Hotels with Best Views of the Balloons (2024)”

  1. Thanks so much for the super detailed post! Your blog is amazing 🙂

    I stayed in Cappadocia back in 2017 at the Kelebek Special Cave Hotel and it is one of my fondest travel memories to date!

    I was hoping to get some advice from you – my friend and I are staying in Cappadocia in late November for 2 nights/3 days. On one of the mornings, we will hopefully go hot air ballooning and the other watching the balloons. Do you think it would be too much hassle staying at 2 places to get a different view? (we will have a rental car so can keep our luggage on us between check-out/check-in). We were thinking Sultan Cave Suites and the Rox Cappadocia – which one would you recommend staying at to watch the balloons?


    • Hi Sapphire

      We stayed at three hotels, no issue moving around. The Sultan terrace is my favourite for the balloon views. Rox is also awesome to see the balloons across the valley but I’d go for Sultan if I had to pick one place to watch the balloons. If you’re happy to move Rox and Sultan are both awesome choices.



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