Frozen Ever After Ride Disney World (with rope drop and Genie+ strategy!)

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Take a voyage through Arendelle and the North Mountain to Elsa’s Ice Palace and spot Frozen friends all while singing along to the ultimate Frozen soundtrack! Frozen fans are in for a treat with the Frozen Ever After ride in Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Our two youngest are Frozen obsessed so this attraction is one of our Disney World favorites – we’ve ridden it so many times we wanted to share everything you need to know about Epcot’s Frozen Ever After ride!

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
One of our favorite scenes in Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After: The Ride

Location: Norway Pavilion, Epcot
Ride duration: 6 minutes
Genie+: yes
Individual Lightening Lane: no
Minimum height requirement: none

Frozen Ever After is a slow and dark Frozen-themed boat ride in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion. It’s suitable for riders of all ages – our toddler first rode it when she was only a few months old and visiting Walt Disney World for the first time!

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
The entrance to Frozen Ever After in Epcot

Frozen Ever After Ride Experience

Board an ancient Nordic Vessel and take part in Arendelle’s Official Summer Snow Day Celebration with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf.

The journey begins in Arendelle and will lead you to meet Kristoff’s family (the boulders from Troll Valley) before climbing towards Elsa’s Ice Palace in the North Mountain.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Elsa sings Let it Go from her Ice Palace

As Elsa sings Let it Go she directs the boat backwards until it comes to a stop at Marshmallow, the giant Snow Monster created by Elsa. The vessel then returns to the Bay of Arendelle where guests depart.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
A wonderful scene on Frozen Ever After

The Soundtrack

Frozen Ever After has the best soundtrack, we adore it! It includes Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, For the First Time in Forever, Let it Go and In Summer! What more could a Frozen fan ask for!

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Anna and Hans duet on Love is an Open Door

The Line

One of the reasons we love to ride Frozen Ever After during Early Entry is that we get to experience the immersive line – Oaken talking to guests through the sauna door is our highlight!

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Oaken’s Sauna is ne of our line highlights

Frozen Ever After Ride tip: the Genie+ line is a shorter line with expedited access to the ride and it misses Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
The line is themed to Frozen

Is there a drop on Frozen Ever After? (Skip this if you don’t want any spoilers!)

There are 2 small drops in Frozen Ever After.

The first comes in Elsa’s Ice Palace when she directs the boat backwards – we’d consider it more akin to reversing down a ramp than a drop but we’re including it so there are no surprises if you are concerned about drops!

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Elsa directs the boat away from the Ice Palace

The main drop comes as you reach Olaf’s Snow Monster, Marshmallow. The boat changes direction and, as you pass Marshmallow, it starts its drop. In total, the drop is around 28 feet. If you’ve been on Pirates of the Caribbean, the drop is similar.

We love riding Frozen Ever After, as do our young kids!

Frozen Ever After ride tip: make sure to keep smiling as you reach the second drop as this is where the ride photo is captured!

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Smile and prepare for the drop!

How to ride Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After is one of the most popular rides in Epcot and, typically, the wait time is over 60 minutes. There are a few options for riding Frozen Ever After, including some that significantly reduce the wait time:

Early Entry Rope Drop

What is Early Entry? Early Entry is the name given to the 30 minutes before regular park opening during which Disney World Resort guests (and guests of some other select hotels) are allowed to enter the parks – it’s one of our favorite perks of staying at a Disney Hotel and we love experiencing the parks and attractions when the crowds are lower! At Epcot, Disney World Resort guests can enter at 8.30am for a 9am regular opening time.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin

Riding Frozen Ever After during Early Entry: Frozen Ever After is one of the most popular early-entry rides alongside Ratatouille – we usually aim to ride one during Early Entry and reserve the other with Genie+ OR we try and ride both within Early Entry if we can make the second ride before Epcot officially opens.

If you want to ride Frozen or Ratatouille with a minimal wait time then make sure you arrive at the park 30 minutes before Early Entry – this means you will be through security and the park entrance and be ready and waiting in the early entry rope drop holding area.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Ratatouille is extremely popular in Epcot

Epcot Entrances: There are 2 entrances to Epcot, the main entrance is located at Spaceship Earth and the second, known as the International Gateway entrance, is mid-way between the UK and France Pavilions. The International Gateway Entrance is mostly used by guests staying at one of the Boardwalk Hotels, those arriving by the Skyliner and those park hopping from Hollywood Studios.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Spaceship Earth at Epcot

If you are using the International Gateway Entrance, you will take a left at the end of the International Gateway path.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
At International Gateway guests turn left for Frozen and right for Ratatouille

Guests are then held somewhere between the UK and Canada Pavilions. Once Early Entry begins, the rope will be dropped and you walk about 0.5 miles to Frozen Ever After.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Waiting at the UK/Canada Pavilion for Early Entry to start

If you enter through the Main Entrance, you walk past Spaceship Earth towards the World Showcase Lagoon. Take a left turn towards Mexico and Norway.

Both sets of guests join up in front of the Lagoon at the gift stores halfway between the Canada and Mexico Pavilions. The Cast Members time the rope drop so guests from both entrances have access at the same time.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Waiting for the line to open at the start of Early Entry

Regular Rope Drop

Regular rope drop happens after early entry at the regular park opening time and this is typically 9am at Epcot. The line for Frozen Ever After can still be under 30 minutes at rope drop so check the wait time on the App and decide if it is a good time to ride.


If you want to guarantee a Genie+ selection for Frozen Ever After then it needs to be your first Genie+ pick of the day at 7am.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Frozen Ever After is available on Genie+

There are 3 popular Genie+ rides at Epcot – Ratatouille, Frozen Ever After and Test Track – and they sell out in that order. This means your first Genie+ pick is likely to be the only Genie+ you will get for any of the 3 rides:

  • First Genie+ selection: you can make your first Genie+ selection at 7am
  • Next Genie+ selection: you can make your second Genie+ selection at 11am (Epcot typically opens at 9am so this is two hours after the park opens) OR after you scan in for your first Genie+ selection.
  • In the last month: on average, Ratatouille has sold out by 9.15am, Frozen Ever After by 10.27am, and Test Track by 10.55am (of course these can change depending on crowd levels and demand). So, chances are you are only securing one of these rides on Genie+ unless you grab a return time in the first hour of opening.
  • Random Genie+ slots can open up: keep checking availability throughout the day – we’ve secured Genie+ selections for Frozen and Ratatouille later in the day

Frozen Ever After ride tip: if we have Genie+ we tend to rope drop Ratatouille and use Genie+ for Frozen or vice versa.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Lightning Lane spots fill up quickly for Frozen Ever After and Ratatouille

To secure an early return time for Genie+:

  • Purchase Genie+ when sales open at midnight on the evening before your park visit
  • Once purchased, add your party to the Genie+ service on the Walt Disney World App.
  • Set your alarm for 6.45am and log onto to the Disney World App.
  • Refresh the App a second or so before 7am, and when it refreshes, you should see the next available slot for Frozen Ever After.
  • Select a ride time and confirm your reservation – make sure to confirm your slot or your Genie+ reservation will not be finalised.
Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Securing an early return time for Slinky Dog Dash!

What is genie+?

Genie+ is a ticket add-on which allows guests to reserve a timed slot to ride a Genie+ attraction. During the allocated time slot, you will access the ride through the Lightning Lane – this is like a fast pass/express lane which is separate from the regular walk-up standby lines and provides expedited access to the ride.

Genie+.costs between $20 to $35 for Hollywood Studios or $20 to $39 for the park hopper option. The price depends on crowd levels and if you opt for single or all-park Genie+.

Guests can reserve Genie+ ride access at various points through the course of the day – the first ride selection is made at 7am, the second at 2 hours after regular park opening time or when you tap in for your 7am selection if this is earlier. Subsequent rides can then be reserved every 2 hours or after you have tapped in for your most recent Genie+ selection.

Slinky Dog Dash Hollywood StudiosPin
Tapping in for Genie+

Standby Line

You can join the Standby line for Frozen Ever After at any time. It tends to be at least 60 minutes and can be double that during busy times.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Wait times during Spring Break

Single Rider Line

There is no single rider line for Frozen Ever After.

Rider Switch

Rider Switch is available on Frozen Ever After. We use it when our youngest is napping and we don’t want to wake her.

Rider Switch is a fantastic service for families with kids who don’t meet the attraction height requirements or don’t want to ride. It allows one parent to wait in line and experience the attraction with the children who are riding while the other adult stays with those who aren’t able/don’t want to go on Frozen Ever After.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
The animatronics are fantastic on Frozen Ever After

After the first parent rides and exits the attraction they can switch with the waiting parent who can then use the Lightening Lane so they don’t have to wait in the full queue again. This means both parents have a chance to experience Frozen Ever After while avoiding having to queue twice – it is a huge time saver for families.

To use a Rider Switch on Frozen Ever After let a Cast Member know when you enter the line. The Cast Member will apply a Rider Switch pass to your account. This will allow the other adult to return to the ride via the lightning lane once the first adult has completed the ride. A maximum of 2 people can ride in the second group.

Other Frozen Attractions in Epcot

Don’t leave the Norway Pavilion without meeting Anna and Elsa and checking out the fabulous Anna and Elsa topiary.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Anna and Elsa’s topiary in the Norway Pavilion

Anna and Elsa greet guests at the Royal Sommerhaus, their summer cabin.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Royal Sommerhaus

If you are a Princess fan, the Disney Princesses host princess dining at Akershus in the Norway Pavillion although Anna and Elsa do not attend.

Akershus Princess DiningPin
Tiana at Akershus

Other Frozen Attractions in Walt Disney World

Hollywood Studios is another awesome park for Frozen fans.

The comedic Royal Historians of Arendell tell the story of Anna and Elsa in the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. The Let It Go Singalong is amazing and belting out Let it Go together with Elsa and a theater full of Frozen fans is honestly good for the soul!

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
Elsa stars in the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

Olaf also hosts a Meet and Greet at the beach at Celebrity Spotlight in Hollywood Studios.

Frozen Ever After Ride Disney WorldPin
We love meeting Olaf in Hollywood Studios

If you want to meet the Disney Princesses then check our our guide to the Princesses at Disney World – Epcot and Magic Kingdom are the best parks to meet the Princesses!

Meeting the Disney Princesses in Disney WorldPin
Meeting Aurora at Epcot

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