The 14 Best GoPro Travel Accessories

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To take your GoPro footage to the next level and capture even better video and pictures it’s worth considering investing in a few of the best GoPro accessories. Our GoPro has been a constant travel companion for the last 3 years. We’ve tried and tested a wide range of accessories on our adventures and have put together a list of the best GoPro accessories which we won’t leave home without: it’s the GoPro travel kit we bring everywhere and these accessories will allow you to record for longer and capture better quality footage for your GoPro.

The GoPro

For starters, you’ll obviously need a Go Pro! We’ve been using the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver for the past 3 years, it’s a great camera and has survived continual use and abuse as we globe trot around the world.

The Go Pro Hero 5 is the new successor to the Hero 4, which is waterproof right out of the box so no need for another case. We’re planning on picking one up this year to cut down on accessories as it’s a more versatile camera!

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GoPro accessories tip: if you want to use the GoPro for water activities then you need to purchase a waterproof case for the GoPro 4. The GoPro 5 is waterproof right out of the box.

The Best GoPro Accessories

We try to keep our accessories to a minimum and have strived to get the best balance between cost, space and what is needed to get the best shot.

1 | Stabilised Gimbal: Feiyu G4

If you only buy one accessory for your Go Pro then make it a stabilised gimbal. A gimbal is a small grip that holds the GoPro in place and allows you to shoot beautifully smooth video by stabilising the camera. Without a gimbal the handheld footage can sometimes be very choppy and hence difficult to edit and this is especially true when using the Go Pro outside of water. We use a Feiyu G4 three axis stabilised gimbal and it captures beautifully smooth, professional grade footage and is a breeze to use. It also comes with a spare set of batteries and a usb charger. There are many gimbals on the market but we found the Feiyu G4 to be the best in terms of price and features. The difference it has made to the quality of our GoPro footage is unbelievable and we wouldn’t travel without it!

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Our gimbal in action in Venice
The gimbal is great at all angles

Check out our full list of GoPro gimbals

| Selfie stick/pole: Go Pole Reach

There is a vast range of poles and selfie sticks available for the GoPro and the Go Pole Reach is our top pick. Ours has been everywhere with us, from hiking in Norway to swimming in Thailand, and we highly recommend it. It is compact, extremely sturdy, extends to over 4 feet and is partially buoyant (just don’t leave it in the water too long or it will sink!). It also packs away to a short form factor that can fit in to most backpacks making it great for travel.

Go Pro tip: when you get the Go Pole Reach remove the wrist lanyard attached to the bottom. The noise generated from this transfers to the Go Pro and can ruin your audio with an annoying clicking sound.

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Go Pole action shots in Berlin!
When there’s noone else around the Go Pole is invaluable!

| Tripod: GorillaPod SLR Zoom

The GorrillaPod is perfect for vlogging, setting up selfie shots and recording time lapses with the Go Pro. We use the larger SLR zoom version as it has a built in quick release and ballhead making it easier to level shots. It’s studier than the smaller versions and will easily hold Elaines Fuji XT-10 micro 4/3rds camera for stable shots.

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The Gorillapod is great for attaching the GoPro to railings
It works great as a basic tripod for time lapses

Spare batteries

GoPro’s fly through batteries! A fresh Go Pro battery under normal use will last around 30-40 minutes with the back screen turned on. Our advice is to opt for the much cheaper generic batteries when purchasing extras: we use the Smatree batteries and the convenient USB charger included. The batteries work great and perform almost as well as the official Go Pro batteries. We would advise on purchasing around 6 batteries to get you through a day of Go Pro action!

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Tripod Mount

One of the cheapest accessories for the Go Pro, but an invaluable one. This allow you to connect the Go Pro to any tripod with a thread: you’ll need one of these to hook up with a GorillaPod.

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Multidirectional microphone and adapter

When not in the water our Go Pro lives outside of its waterproof case: usually in a skeleton case or in the Gimbal casing. If you’ve ever noticed how the audio on a Go pro isn’t fantastic then it’s worth investing in this mic and adapter to capture much better audio: the result is a huge improvement in audio performance for your videos. The multidirectional mic means it’ll pick up your voice even if you’re not talking directly to the GoPro and distant noise is isolated and not captured.

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Making movies!

Waterproof housing

One of the best parts of using a Go Pro is the ability to take it into water. Ours has seen the inside of thermal baths, been submerged in multiple oceans, swimming pools, lakes, rivers …the list goes on! We don’t use a buoyancy aid as we find a simple tether on your hand works great!

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GoPro accessories tip: waterproof housing is essential for the GoPro 4 and worth considering for the GoPro 5 if you’re a very active user.

Avoiding the snow with our waterproof casing!

Anti-fog inserts

The GoPro is liable to annoying condensation that forms inside the case and over the lens of the Go Pro which is caused by the heat from the camera and moisture inside the case. If you use your Go Pro in the water for extended periods of time you’ll need to pick up some of these.

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The fog inserts are great for clear video when using in water

Head mount

We use this instead of a chest mount as it is small enough to bring travelling and gives similar results to the space taking chest mount. Be careful using this in water as diving can cause it to fall off. It’s fantastic for action shots!

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Dave looking crazy during a Tough Mudder race with the GoPro

10 Suction Mount

This suction mount is great for capturing different angles when shooting in cars or buses and is definitely worth the investment. We use it a lot on road trips as it’s easy to attach to the car windows or the exterior of the car. Once attached correctly the mount is reliable!

GoPro accessories tip: Buy the official Go Pro Mount. It’s super strong and almost support a human bodyweight if its attached correctly! When attaching, ensure both the suction cup and surface are clean and dry. Unlike other suction cups this one should not be wet at all when attaching.

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Ready to capture the beauty of a Norway road trip

11 Spare mounts/parts

Always carry some spare mounts and bolts in your bag for the Go Pro, trust us…they’ll prove invaluable one day! There is nothing worse than having a great idea for a new shot only to find you don’t have a spare bolt or angled mount for attachment!

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12 |SD Cards and Hard Drives

Shooting HD footage on your Go Pro can quickly fill up a SD card,so it’s always worth carrying a few spares . We find these 32gb Sandisk cards work best – it forces you to backup your footage regularly and you can carry multiple in your pocket.

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For backing up footage we use the rule of three – three copies, in three different locations. We keep a copy on a micro SD, and two more copies on separate hard drives. These each live in separate bags so the chances of all three bags getting stolen is hopefully unlikely! Our personal choice for hard drives are these Seagate passport drives. They’re cheap and reliable and come everywhere with us .

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13 SD card reader / micro SD adapter

As the Go Pro uses a micro SD card you’ll need to carry a micro SD adapter or a USB card reader. We’ve lost a few SD adapters on our travels so it’s worth investing in a decent USB card reader.

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14 | Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

So you’ve got the fantastic footage on your GoPro – now it’s time to make that into a great video! We use Adobe Premiere Pro for our video editing – it’s very easy to use and its one of the best video editors out there. It’s well worth the subscription.

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