How to: Jerusalem to Jordan land border crossing at the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge

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Having spent an amazing week sightseeing in Jerusalem it was time to cross the border to Amman to start our Jordan road trip adventure! With our Jordan visas in order (a whole other story involving a last minute trip to Ramallah in the West Bank!) we decided to cross from Israel to Jordan at the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge border crossing, the closest crossing between Jerusalem and Amman.

How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein

Here’s our step by step guide to travelling from Jerusalem to Amman using a mix of shared vans, border buses and taxis for less than $50 per person for transport and $45 per person for an Israel exit stamp.

NOTE: A Jordan visa cannot be bought at the King Hussein/Allenby border. The visa must be obtained prior to this or a valid Jordan visa must be held from a previous crossing into Israel. Entry is not allowed with an Israeli passport at this crossing. Please be sure to use this article in conjunction with official government websites to ensure you are fully prepared for the border crossing.

Where to stay in Jerusalem

Visiting Jerusalem is an incredible experience but due to the layout of the city and the narrow streets the only real way to explore the city is to walk. We found visiting the Old City early in the morning and later in the evening when crowds were quieter to be the best experience. To allow you to do this we recommend staying as close to the Old City walls as possible. The best hotels we recommend are:

  • Harmony Hotel: Where we stayed and a short 5 minute walk from the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City. This stunning boutique hotel really made our stay in Jerusalem special. A delicious breakfast each morning, afternoon drinks on the sun filled terrace and a perfect location make this our top pick for staying beside the Old City of Jerusalem. The local area is lively with a great atmosphere and lots of great restaurants and bars. The hotel also has free parking which was great when we rented a car for a day trip to Massada – Click here for best prices!
  • Sephardic House Hotel: located within the Old City itself in the Jewish Quarter (close to the Zion Gate), this hotel is a short walking distance from all of the sights, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Temple Mount and the Western Wall to name a few nearby). Perfect if you want to stay in the Old City itself – Click here for best prices!
  • Bezalel Hotel:  A fantastic value hotel located 10 minutes walk from the Jaffa Gate. A sister hotel of the Harmony hotel, the Bezalel is a great alternative if the Harmony Hotel is booked out! – Click here for best prices!

Click here for the best Jerusalem hotel prices

1 | Shared van to King Hussein/Allenby Bridge

Shared Van Cost: 42 Israeli Shekels per person

There are two options to get to the border – a private taxi or a shared van from Jerusalem to the King Hussein/Allenby bridge. We opted for the shared van at a cost of 42 ILS per person and joined 10 other passengers for the journey. The van leaves when full and we were on the road within about 15 minutes.

Private Taxi: We were quoted prices between 180 and 300 ILS for a private taxi as we wandered around with our backpacks but we didn’t stop to discuss as we had decided on the shared van options.

Shared vans location: The shared vans leave from behind the Golden Walls Hotel which is straight down the street from the Damascus Gate on the opposite side of the road.

Tickets are purchased in the small office pictured behind the vans:How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

The walls of the Golden Walls Hotel! The buses are located through the tiny entrance:

How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

Map location:

En route to the bridge we passed through a checkpoint manned by Israeli soldiers. Our driver collected our passports and they were checked by the officials. Make sure to have your Israel visas received on entry for this check and the border crossing.

How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

No Mans Land! How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

2 | Arrive at Israel terminal and check bags

Bag Check cost: JOR 1.50 per bag

Luggage is checked in on arriving at the Israel exit terminal at the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge. The staff collect the luggage outside the terminal and in return give a luggage tag. It’s a bit daunting handing over luggage but the system works well and the staff only load bags onto the bus when you pass through the other side of the Israel terminal.

Luggage tag (keep it safe!):How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

3 | Exit Israel

Cost: 179 Shekels per person

The Israel exit fee is paid at kiosk on the right hand side so ensure you have paid this before joining the queue to go through the exit checkpoint. Credit cards were accepted when we passed through the terminal.

Having paid the exit fee take the payment receipt and join the queue to exit Israel. Make sure to queue in a single line as the border staff are strict and vocal! Our passports were not stamped on on entry/exit and we were granted loose leaf visas on arrival in Israel. Do ask the staff not to stamp if it is important to you but it is at their discretion.

The queue in the terminal:How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

4 | Bus

Cost: 7 JOD + 1.50 JOD per bag payable on bus at end

After passing through the exit terminal we were ready to board the bus for the 5km journey between the Jordan and Israel border terminals. Before getting on the bus it’s necessary to show the luggage staff your tag so the correct bags are loaded onto the bus.

Opening Hours: The first bus leaves the Israeli side around 9am but you need to allow time to pass through the terminal prior to this. The last bus leaves at 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 1:30pm on Friday, Saturday and the eve/day of Jewish holidays. Again, it’s necessary to allow time to pass through the terminal.

Our bus over the King Hussein/Allenby bridge:How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

The bridge:How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

Traffic was heavier in the Jordan to Israel direction and we spotted lots of buses passing by:How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

5 | Arrive at Jordan terminal and collect passport

On arrival at the Jordan terminal the bus driver collected the fee for our bags and bus ride and we were reunited with our luggage. Our passports were collected and handed to the authorities for us to collect in the terminal. Passports are not stamped upon entry at the King Hussein bridge.

Arriving at the Jordan terminal:How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground Passport collection was a little chaotic but our passports were returned within about 15 minutes:How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

6 | Taxi to Amman

Cost: 35 JOD including drop of to hotel

After passing through the terminal we emerged into the Jordan sunlight and started work on securing a taxi for the ride to Amman. We’d read that a taxi to Amman should cost around 30 JOD but our driver was fixed on 35 JOD and we didn’t want to walk any further for another taxi! The taxi ride was a great introduction to driving in Jordan and I kept my eyes closed for considerable parts of the journey!

How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

We were dropped off at our hotel in Amman and celebrated the successful journey with a nice cool dip in the pool! From leaving our hotel in Jerusalem the trip took us about 4 hours door to door at a total cost of US $90 for transport for the two of us and an additional $90 for Israel exit stamps. The adventure is just a bonus!

How to cross border Israel Jordan King Hussein ©thewholeworldisaplayground

49 thoughts on “How to: Jerusalem to Jordan land border crossing at the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge”

    • Hi, as a French citizen, I crossed the border from Israel to Jordan on 18 May 2018 without any pre-arranged visa because I had the Jordan Pass. I had previously checked this with the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv. There was no problem at all for me. Rerturning back from Jordan to Israel on 27 May 2018, they asked for the original stamnped JordanPass (since they do not stamp your passport) => keep it with you otherewise you will face problems!
      But I am not sure this works fine for any other nationality ! Better email or call the Jordan embassy in TLV first ! Cheers, Alain

    • I see many things online about how to get from Jerusalem to the border crossing but very little info on how to get to Jericho. ( Other than ‘take a taxi’) But it looks like Jericho is only a 2 km from the Allenby Bridge. Is it possible to follow your instructions here to get to the border and then walk back to Jericho or take a taxi? thanks

      • No, tourists are not allowed to cross at Jericho, only Palestinians. I have a friend who is a taxi driver in Bethlehem and we tried this

  1. I want to learn Arabic in Israel (without getting the stamp) and be able to visit Jordan on a few day trips. I have a British passport and I would like to visit Lebanon and other countries in the middle east without having proof of ever having been in Israel. How do the Jordanians know that I am inside the country or out, or when I arrived, if they do not stamp my passport?

    • Hi Ivan, as far as I know Jordan can stamp a separate piece of paper at the King Hussein/Allenby crossing. Just remember to get your visa in advance of getting to Israel! Hope that helps!

  2. This is so valuable! Thanks for taking the time to take notes and photos throughout the process and publish this post. Question: “A Jordan visa cannot be bought at the King Hussein/Allenby border. The visa must be obtained prior to this or a valid Jordan visa must be held from a previous crossing into Israel.” So if I enter Israel from Jordan through the same crossing and want to return to Jordan (through the same crossing), I don’t have to buy another Jordanian visa? My previous visa still applies? If that’s the case, you just made my day.

    • Hi Helen! The way I understand it is that if you cross over to Israel via the King Hussein Bridge and return the same way then you don’t need to apply for a new Jordan visa as long as you return within the validity of your original Jordan visa. I think that’s 2 weeks. I would definitely check that out with the Embassy or government website as I wouldn’t risk the border crossing on my advice since we went the opposite way! Hope you find out the same!


  3. Just try to cross early in the morning, as in the afternoon there are no buses from Jerusalem to the border and you’ll have to take taxi at 250 shekel…same thing on the Jordan side…no buses and the taxi will cost 24 Jordan Dinar.

  4. Wow ! Thanks for the detailed information very useful.
    I have a question, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
    We are travelling with our 3 yr old from Jerusalem to Petra in Nov 2015 and plan on crossing to Jordan from the Allenby bridge (we have got the Jordan visas from the US consulate).
    My question is, do we need to reserve a taxi for our journey from the border crossing to Petra (Wadi Musa) before hand or can we find taxis at the crossing?
    Also, if we need to reserve in advance, do you have a recommendation? (We do not want to drive ourselves).

    • Dipti, I just came from there. You don’t have to reserve a taxi in advance – you’ll find one at the crossing.

      Also, I’m not sure how you plan on getting from Jerusalem to Allenby Bridge, but I was going to take a bus (from Damascus Gate) and the whole area was sealed off by police so I had to take a taxi instead. Jerusalem has calmed down a bit but you never know when tensions will flare up again. Also, travelling on Fridays can be challenging because it’s a holiday for both Jews and Muslims. I believe the Allenby Bridge closes early on Fridays.

    • Hi! We took a taxi to Amman and there were lots of taxis around the border so it was easy to get one. Petra is a longer journey from King Hussein so maybe it would be best to prebook a driver in case it’s difficult to get someone to agree to the trip. I’d start with your accommodation in Petra for a quote. Just in case you’re only planning to get the Visas from the US Consulate – you can take an Egg Bus from Jerusalem to Eliat and the Jordan visa is free at this border (double check the US passport is eligible if you plan to do this!) and the exit tax lower.

      Hope you have a fab trip!

      • Thanks for the tip !
        We will contact our hotel in Petra to see what they come back with. We got our Jordan visas at the US consulate at Washington DC, it was straight forward and through the mail
        (We do not have US passports, so we had to do this regardless of our crossing).

  5. I paid today for the shared van 47 nis and for exit Israel 180 nis…the other prices are correct. Thank you for the Informations, it was great help for me

  6. Hello! May i just ask, aren’t there any buses from the King Hussein Bridge / Allenby going back to Tabarbour/Amman? All the articles that i have read always said a taxi from Allenby… is there any cheaper way to get to Amman from the bridge?

    • Hi Dana! I believe there are buses which will go to Amman. I’m not sure of the details, I would try ask on Trip Advisor or similar!


    • Hi Karin! I imagine you will still need to follow the steps in the post apart from actually buying the visa part. For public transport to Amman, I believe there are buses which will go to Amman from the border. I’m not sure of the details, I would try ask on Trip Advisor or similar – we took a taxi that was waiting at the border.

  7. Your blog was so useful and accurate for our trip across the border today. Thank you! Just to let readers know,the price for the bus is now 42 ILS but still 5 ILS for each piece of baggage.

    • Thanks Pam, so happy you found it useful! I’ve updated the bus to 42ILS now – thanks for the update, it’s great to be able to keep the numbers up to date.

      Hope you have a great trip!

  8. You’re a life saver! We came over the border today and your post was the most comprehensive guide I could find – including advice from official channels and tour guides!

    Our whole process took about 3 hours door to door, though the border seemed rather quiet today. As long as you have enough cash in both currencies, it’s actually quite simple.

    Thanks again!

  9. So I just wanted to update on this post about crossing the border from Israel/Palestine to Jordan via the King Hussein/Allenby bridge without having a visa, only the Jordan pass: IT WORKS. we’re three people from Denmark and Australia who did it just two days ago. The first thing to do is getting the Jordan pass – no need to look into further research about costs and benefits: if you’re a tourist in Jordan and will see Petra there’s no cheaper or easier way. Everyone will tell you this. The pass costs 70JD, which seems like a lot (and it is) but that’s the one month visa and entry to almost any national park/unesco site in the whole of Jordan. So easy to buy online by googling “Jordan pass” and go to the official website. The pass shows up instantly and is sent to your email as well. No waiting around or processing slowdowns.

    We read this blogpost (
    but we were so unsure since it was uploaded only 2 months ago and no other posts or comments said anything like this – that the Jordan pass works as a visa on arrival (VOA) at the Allenby king crossing. So we were in Jerusalem and called the Jordanian embassy in Ramallah from the hostel phone (TWICE!! To make sure) and they said the pass would be enough, no need to go to Ramallah and get the visa for the bridge if you already have the Jordan pass. We were still a bit unsure but chose to risk it.

    So when you get to the Jericho, your first obstacle will be the Palestine border. Here they pulled me aside, to argue about the missing visa – I cut through and told them to let me go on with just the pass or call the embassy themselves to get the same information I got (twice) but they ended up saying: we don’t have the problem with your missing visa, but the next checkpoint (the Israeli exit one) and Jordanian immigration will not let you though without.

    Confident as we were we went on, and the Israeli checkpoint was fine. We told them about the Jordan pass and they let us pay the exit fee. Got on a bus, where they took our passports and when we arrived at immigration they asked to see the printed Jordan pass. No stamps, no explaining, no money up front. Everything was taken care of. Even though it explicitly says on the Jordan pass website AND on the actual ticket (which you don’t have to print but it’s wise to) that the pass won’t work as a visa, only waive the visa fees – they will let you through. Well, anyway they let us through without a lifted eyebrow.

    So please, go ahead and make this overland border crossing. Save yourself some time, but remember the exit fee is supposedly 75 shekels more at this Allenby bridge crossing than elsewhere. But if you want to exit from Palestine I think it’s the easiest and fastest way to Amman in Jordan.

    Do yourself a favour however and call the embassy ahead and make sure. Let’s hope the more calls they get at the embassy the sooner they’ll update the website to explain this thoroughly!

    Safe travels

    • Hi Stinna!

      Very useful information, thank you! I am planning to cross the border from Israel/Palestine to Jordan via the Allenby Bridge in a few weeks and I have a few questions if you don’t mind! How exactly did you go to the border crossing? And how long did it take you?

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Anna! We took a shared taxi from Jerusalem – I’ve covered the details in step 1, where to get the buses, what they look like etc. It took a little less than 1 hour to get there. Overall, hotel to hotel was easily a 4 hour trip.

        Hope that helps

  10. Hi Elaine. This is great info. Ininderstand you went some time ago, but I am going to Amman from Jerusalem right after landing in Tel Aviv on a Friday afternoon. Do you think there is any possibility for me to cross the borders Friday afternoon since it will be on Shabbat day?


    • Hi Laura, I’m not sure about Shabbat day but our trip from Jerusalem through the King Hussein border crossing took most of a day due to the various checkoints/changing buses etc. You might find it tight on time trying to do that crossing late on a Friday evening. The additional crowds probably wouldn’t help. Our crossing was relatively quiet and it still took a long time!

  11. Thank you so much for this post, it is so informative! And in 2019 it is still valid information, even the prices are right. We didn’t pay for getting the bags on the Israeli side, we picked them up ourselves after the passport check and payment of exit fee, and loaded them on the bus ourselves. We had to pay 41JOD for the bus for 5 persons and 4 bags, the same as the price you quoted. We are currently on the taxi to our hotel, which we will pay 40 JOD for. We left our Airbnb almost 3 hrs ago and are now about 30 minutes away from Amman. Nice and smooth trip ?

  12. Thank you for the post! Its very informative. Just an update/clarification, the last shared taxi leaves jerusalem at 1pm. I left on the 18th of July.

  13. Thank you so much for all this useful information. I went to Petra on a tour last time, and swore I would never do it again. This saves me. we’re going to rent a car in Jordan! Wish us luck.

  14. Just one comment to add, as it was difficult for me to find in my research, Sheruts do run on Saturday (Shabbat), however the last one leaves Jerusalem at 10am. Happy travelling 🙂


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