Xigera Camp: Our Wilderness Safaris adventures in the Okavango Delta

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After a fantastic stay at the Wilderness Safaris Little Vumbura Camp we were en route to the Xigera Camp, our second stopover on our Okavango Delta adventure. Xigera is located in one of the almost permanently flooded areas of the Delta and we were excited to experience the Delta from a new perspective and fly across its wilderness to the aptly named Paradise Island for some more safari fun!


Flying across the Okavango Delta

Flying in the Delta is a bucket list adventure: it starts with waiting for the animals to move off the runway so the plane can land then continues with getting dropped at the door of the tiny Wilderness Air planes which we often had to ourselves (private jet anyone?!) closely followed by spotting giant herds of elephant and buffalo in the plains below and flying over the iconic winding Okavango River. Our flights are some of our favourite memories from the Delta and we would 100% recommend incorporating some airtime into an Okavango trip.

Here comes our ride!
Riding in my private jet!!
Wildlife spotting from the window seat

Arriving at Camp

After landing on the tiny Xigera airstrip we were met by our Xigera guide, Lesh, and embarked on the short transfer to the Xigera Camp. We were spoiled with scenes of baboons running havoc on the bridges and a pit stop at the skeleton remains of an elephant who succumbed to old age close to the camp – we certainly felt tiny when we sat alongside its skull and were dwarfed by its size!

Feeling the power of nature in the Delta – an elephant skeleton close to camp
Do you mind if we pass? Baboons policing the Delta!


Xigera is located on Paradise Island, one of the almost permanently flooded areas, in the Moremi Reserve deep in the Okavango Delta  We were greeted by the camp staff who made us feel instantly at home and, after a delicious welcome cocktail, showed us to our room in the Camp.

The camp is close to the action and we had visits from a troop of monkeys intent on playing in the camp, an adorable impala seeking some shade under the raised walkway and even some leopard prints in the sand from a nighttime leopard visit!

Chilling in the Xigera lounge, bliss!

The Chalets

Raised wooden walkways lead the way through the camp and we followed the path to our tented chalet eager to check it out. We’d opted for a family room at Xigera as there were three of us and our family chalet was huge with two separate bedrooms, both with their own bathroom, and decorated beautifully.

The highlights of Xigera chalet were the incredible view of the plain from the room and its deck and the outdoor showers. We could see even see the wildlife roaming on the grass plain from our bed, what a sight to wake up to!

Welcome to Xigera!
Taking in the stunning Delta views from our terrace

The Xigera Camp

With nine tents Xigera is an intimate camp in the heart of the Okavango. The camp is laid out with beautiful open air communal areas decorated in natural khaki and wood tones that are perfect for some rest and relaxation.

The dining area and the adjacent bar are the hub of the camp activity and there was always a friendly face when we passed through.The gorgeous little plunge pool was an added bonus for a cooling afternoon swim!

Evenings by the camp fire
Truly the wilderness

Food and Drinks

Similar to Little Vumbura (I spy a Wildneress Safaris theme emerging!) we were provided with a constant supply of food and drinks and, again, ate like Kings and Queens during our stay at Xigera! Food and drinks, including alcohol, are included in the rate and everything was excellent.

We had our safari routine down at this stage: our days started at dawn with a pre safari breakfast of cereals, breads, fruits and eggs and our morning game drives included a coffee break and a sweet treat on the Moremi Plains. A beautiful brunch spread awaited us when we returned to camp and, after an afternoon rest, we were treated to hot snacks and cakes before returning from our evening activities to a delicious dinner spread!

Sundowners are always a special moment on safari and we enjoyed gin and tonics against the backdrop of Disney like safari scenes where hundreds of animals roamed the plains. It was breathtaking!


Coffee break banter in the Moremi plains!

Safari Time

Xigera is predominantly a water based camp and, for much of the year, the area sits in a flooded section of the Okavango Delta. We arrived early in the season and the Angola waters hadn’t quite made it as far as the Okavango so most of our outings were land based.

The safari activities included game drives, traditional mokoro excursions and birding. We came face to face with the resident leopard, sat among huge elephant populations and almost, almost chanced upon my safari wish of seeing wild dogs – the elusive pack had been playing on the air strip hours before our arrival but, after tracking their footprints for miles, they were nowhere to be seen.

Our Xigera guides

Our favourite sightings at Xigera

With our focus on land based safaris we came across some of the safari greats: a young female leopard eagerly awaiting the return of her mother from a hunt, a herd of buffalo watching our every move and an adorable family of giraffes meandering through the Delta.

The area around Xigera lent itself to amazing scenes which melted our hearts when the open plains were filled with hundreds of impalas, red lechwe, storks and zebra meandering in the grass.

Hurry back mom! A young leopard awaits the return of her hunting mother
Marabou stork: also known as the undertaker bird due to its similarities from behind
Permission to land! The ostrich preventing our plane from landing – we didn’t mind, it’s their Delta!
Always watching… the mighty buffalo
Sometimes it felt like we were in a Disney movie!

What we loved about Xigera

Xigera is undoubtedly a beautiful camp with amazing staff but, after spending time in Africa and developing a huge passion for the continent, we had a few extra requests from our time in the Okavango Delta. We’re huge advocates for responsible tourism and protecting the environment and Wilderness Safaris exceeded our expectations in every respect.

The Xigera Camp is 100% solar powered and it’s incredible to think that the entire camp is powered by the sun – even the water is heated by solar water geysers.

Solar power at Xigera


Xigera is a beautiful camp which truly embodies the wilderness of the Okavango. The staff are wonderful, the camp is well maintained and food excellent. In wet season it’s the perfect spot to experience the flooded plains of the Okavango and all that it offers.

Sad to say goodbye to the Delta as our plane arrives

Booking Little Vumbura

Check out Wilderness Safaris in Botswana for booking info on the Xigera Camp.

Trips into the Okavango Delta are organised by the safari companies who operate the concessions in each part of the Delta and Xigera is operated by Wilderness Safaris. We opted to travel into the Okavango with Wilderness for a number of reasons: they have access to some of the most incredible parts of the Okavango and offer fantastic accommodation options. Most of all, their commitment to the environment, the local community and sustainability are characteristics we wholeheartedly agree with. The Okavango is one of the most special places on Earth and the world needs to do everything it can to protect it.

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