14 Best Things to Do in Rhodes

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Rhodes, the fourth largest of the Greek Islands, is full to the brim of things to do with its beautiful beaches, historical sights and lush forest. Famous for its 300 days of sunshine every year and once home to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Rhodes is a vibrant island just off the Anatolian coast of Turkey. We’ve put together our ultimate guide to Rhodes with the best sights and things to do. Happy planning!

Things to do in Rhodes

Renting a Car in Rhodes

Renting a car in Rhodes is the best way to explore the island, plus driving is relatively easy on the island. Having your own car gives you the flexibility to travel at your own pace a see place that is simply not possible on group tours or public transport, such as some of the secluded beaches and more remote areas of the island.

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1 | Anthony Quinn Bay

One of the most beautiful parts of Rhodes, the Anthony Quinn Bay boast gorgeous turquoise waters and a secluded beach. It’s named after the actor Anthony Quinn who fell in love with Rhodes while filming the movie The Guns of Navarone and bought part of the island.

Anthony Quinn Bay
Relaxing on the rocks

Where to Stay in Rhodes

Rhodes has an incredible selection of hotels and there are options for every budget and taste. From boutique hotels in the heart of the old town to stunning ocean view resorts, choosing where to stay in Rhodes isn’t an easy task. Here are our favourite hotels in Rhodes. We chose to stay in the old town as we feel it’s best for exploring the island during the day and relaxing in the old town in the evening.

  • Evdokia Boutique – where we chose to stay in Rhodes and the location couldn’t be better. Located right in the heart of the old town, this chilled boutique hotel is a perfect base for exploring the island. Everything in the old town is a short walk, and with free on-site parking the rest of the island is a short drive away. We really enjoyed this hotel and highly recommend it – check prices now!
  • In Camera Art Boutique Hotel – another great option for staying medieval old town. Similar to the Evdokia the In Camera Art Boutique Hotel is located inside the old city walls. With great food, comfortable historic room and stunning views of the city from the roof this is a great option for the old town – check prices now!
  • Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa – for those who prefer a luxury resort the best one on the island is probably the Atrium Platinum. With panoramic sea views, multiple pools and a location close to the old town, the Atrium Platinum is a great option for those looking for a more traditional luxury hotel – check prices now!

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2 | Lindos Acropolis

Perched atop a cliff, the well preserved Lindos Acropolis is the star of the beautiful medieval village of Lindos. The most stunning sights are on the second level of the Acropolis where the Temple of Athena Lindia and a 20 column covered walkway reside. The ancient archaeological site has magnificent views of the surrounding harbour and coastline and the contrast of ancient ruins against nature are breathtaking.

Rhodes sightseeing tip: It’s a relatively easy climb to the Acropolis but it is made more challenging by the high temperatures often experienced in Lindos. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat. You’ll likely be offered a donkey ride to the top but consider only using if necessary – it won’t save a huge amount of walking and it’s in the best interests of the donkey not to have to make the climb either.

Lindos Acropolis from the sky
It’s a challenging climb on hot summer days
Lindos Beach

 3 | Tharri Monastery

Located close to the village of the Tharri Monastery is one of the finest of Rhodes’ painted churches. It is dedicated to Archangel Michael and is home to monks from across the globe. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful olive trees and the gardens are lovely to wander around. The highlight of a visit is the chapel which is adorned by magnificent frescoes painted between the 12th and 14th Century.

Rhodes sightseeing tip: visitors are required suitable clothing when entering the monastery so remember to cover up if you plan to visit Tharri.

Tharri Monastery
Incredible frescoes

4 | Epta Piges: Valley of the Seven Springs

Named after its seven natural springs, The Valley of the Seven Springs is a lush green valley surround by pine trees with seven clear springs merging together in a lake. It’s a nice escape from the Rhodes sunshine and the peacocks, ducks and geese add to the fun!

Rhodes sightseeing tip: The lake can be reach by walking through a dark tunnel. If you are claustrophobic it is better to enter via the hill as there is no turning back after entering the tunnel.

5 | Rhodes Old Town

Rhodes Old Town is one of the oldest medieval towns in Europe and today is one of the best preserved with highlights including the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Street of the Knights. The Old Town walls remain in place and one of the highlights of a visit is walking atop them. From the moment you pass through one of the Old Town Gates, it feels like taking a step back in time. The cobbled maze of streets are lined with quaint restaurants and shops and it’s easy to lose all sense of time and direction. Rhodes Old Town is listed as one of the UNESCO World Sites in Greece.

The Street of the Knights
The quaint cobbled streets of Rhodes Old Town
Rhodes Old Town: nestled between the town walls

6 | Rhodes Acropolis

The Acropolis of Rhodes dates back to between the 3rd and the 5th Century BC and is located a few kilometers outside the Old Town of Rhodes. The site is made up of the restored Temple of Apollo, a stadium and a theatre. Although not as spectacular as the aforementioned Lindos Acropolis, the views make this a Rhodes must see.

Temple of Apollo, Rhodes Acropolis

7 | Monastery of Tsambika

Located on the east coast of Rhodes, the Byzantine church is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Legend has it that if a woman wanting to become pregnant climbs the 292 steps to the monastery and prays to the Virgin Mary they will be granted a child within a year. As a thank you some of the women have named their Tsambikos or Tsambika.

292 steps lead to the Monastery of Tsambika

8 | Asklipio

Asklipio is a small traditional village which we stumbled across on our drive from Lindos to Tharri Monastery and it was lovely to see life in a genuine local village on the island. The highlight is the Byzantine Church with amazing frescoes inside and a lovely bell tower outside as well as the hilltop ruins of a medieval castle with incredible views.

Incredible mosaics are housed in the church
Climbing the bell tower!

9 | The cats of Rhodes

Rhodes is famous for the many stray cats manning its shop fronts and narrow alleys and it’s hard not to fall in love with them all. Many are looked after by the locals but, in the height of the summer sunshine, the strays broke our hearts It’s difficult to know how best to help the lovely feline life on the island but they did lap up cool water and tlc and there are some welfare charities which are a worthy cause.

Some of the street cats who captured our heart:

10 | Agtathi Beach

40km south east of Rhodes and 10km north of Lindos, Agtathi is another of our favourite beaches in Rhodes. The soft golden sands and shallow turquoise waters are perfect for some beach time and its off the beaten path location makes for a relaxing visit.

11 | Ancient Kamiros

Kamiros is a well preserved ancient city in the north west of Rhodes and is one of the Rhodes city’s mentioned by Homer. It was discovered under a wooded area in 1859 and consists of an Acropolis, a water storage system, a temple dedicated to Athena and houses which belonged to residents of the city.

12 | Pefki Beach

Close to a host of shops and taverns, the pebbled shores and clear waters of Pefki Beach are popular with visitors to Rhodes.

13 | Kritinia Castle

The 16th Century Venetian Kritinia Castle sits atop a hill overlooking the village of Kritinia. The views from the Castle are stunning and its one of the best spots to catch a Rhodes sunset.

14 | Valley of the Butterflies

The Valley of the Butterflies is a nature reserve on Rhodes which attracts an abundant population of Jersey Tiger Moth. They migrate from the Mediterranean in May as dry season approaches and remain until they transform into a beautiful moth and leave to seek wetter areas. During the summer months it is possible to witness millions of moths resting on the valley trees. The lush scenery is beautiful and the Valley is a nice escape from the summer sun!

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