Disneyland Paris: Is Disney Premier Access Worth the Cost (2024)?

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Disney Premier Access passes, Disneyland Paris’ fast pass equivalent, offers visitors the opportunity to pay to skip the queue on some of the most popular rides across Disneyland Paris. With a one-use, 16-ride pass costing between €90 and €190 and individual rides priced at between €5 and €18, there is no doubt that the passes are expensive but are they worth it?

Having tried out both the Disney Premier Access Ultimate and One passes on our recent trips to Disneyland Paris we wanted to share our take on whether Disney Premier Access is worth the cost.

Disney Premier Access Pass: Pirates of the Caribbean was added to the Disney Premier Pass in February 2024. It is now available on the Ultimate and single pass options.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Disneyland Paris

What is Disney Premier Access?

Disney Premier Access is a paid replacement for the free Fast Passes that were available in Disneyland Paris up to 2021. Premier Access passes are available to purchase via the Disneyland Paris website and app and allow riders to join the dedicated priority lines for selected rides – check prices now!

Buy your Disney Premier Access Pass now

Visitors to Disneyland Paris have two options for purchasing premier access:

  • Disney Premier Access Ultimate: a multi-attraction pass that allows visitors to ride each of the 16 listed Disney Premier Access Ultimate attractions one time, whenever they choose. Disney Premier Access Ultimate Passes vary in cost depending on the day you visit and if it is categorised as a low, high or peak pricing day.

If you are planning to purchase a Disney Premier Access Ultimate pass then we recommend that you have a 2 park ticket so you can use your pass to the fullest – you will then be able to use it for rides like Crushes Coaster and Spider-Man in Walt Disney Studios and then go over to the Disneyland Park to enjoy Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan, Buzz and more – check prices now!

Buy your Disneyland Paris tickets now!

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Our Disney Premier Access Ultimate Pass
  • Disney Premier Access One: a one-time pass for a single ride on the listed Disney Premier Access One rides. Visitors can purchase a pass for the next available timeslot and join the priority line for the ride at that time. Guests can purchase up to 3 Disney Premier Access One passes per guest per day. Disney Premier Access One Passes vary in cost depending on the ride.
Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Disney Premier Access One pass pricing during our visit

How to Purchase Disney Premier Access Ultimate Passes?

There are a few ways to purchase Disney Premier Access Ultimate Passes. The easiest way is to go to the Disneyland Paris website to make a reservation or add to an existing reservation:

1 | If you are reserving a hotel and tickets package:

Book your Disney Hotel now!

2 | If you purchasing Disneyland Paris park tickets:

Park tickets must be purchased in advance (it is no longer possible to purchase regular tickets at the park on the day) and the Disney Premier Access Ultimate Pass can be added to your tickets on purchase:

  • Visit the Disneyland Paris website to reserve tickets – check prices now!
  • After you add your tickets to the cart there is an option to add extras including Disney Premier Access Ultimate Pass and reserved tickets to the Disney shows (you can reserve access to the best seating area and avoid queueing too far in advance for shows like the Lion King or Mickey and the Magician if you reserve tickets in advance)

Buy your Disney Paris tickets now

3 | If you already have a Disney hotel and tickets package:

  • Visit the Disneyland Paris website and log into your account.
  • Click on ‘My Bookings’ and then click ‘Manage My Booking’ on the booking you want to add Disney Premier Access Ultimate Passes.
  • Click on ‘Your Extras’ and there will be a Disney Premier Ultimate Pass section where you can check the price on your specific days and purchase the passes.
  • You can also add through the App if you have linked your tickets and are within 7 days of arrival.

What rides are included in Disney Premier Access?

The Disney Premier Access Pass allows priority access to some of the most popular rides across the two Disneyland Paris Parks:

  • Disneyland Paris Park: It’s a Small World, Big Thunder Mountain (102cm), Peter Pan’s Flight, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain (120cm), Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Pirates of the Caribbean, Autopia (81cm to ride, 132cm to drive), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (140cm), Star Wars: The Adventures Continue (102cm), Phantom Manor, Orbitron (Oribitron is only covered under the Disney Premier Access One individual passes, it is not included in the Disney Premier Access Ultimate pass)
  • Walt Disney Studios: Crush’s Coaster (107cm), Ratatouille: The Adventure, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (102cm), Cars Road Trip, Avengers Assemble: Flight Force (120cm) and Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure
Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Disney Premier Access Pass tips: we ride Cars Road Trip every day we visit and have almost always walked straight on or waited in a short queue. In my experience, and from what I’ve seen online, a Premier Access Pass isn’t typically needed for Cars Road Trip. Pirates of the Caribbean tends to have a relatively short wait time (most of the queue time is spent actually walking towards the ride!) but it’s a nice inclusion at busy times.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Cars Road Trip

How much does Disney Premier Access Cost?

As of Autumn 2023, Disney Premier Access passes cost:

  • Disney Premier Access Ultimate: the price of Disney Premier Access Ultimate passes vary depending on when you visit the park. Low season days are currently priced at €90 per person, mid-season days at €120, high season days at €160 per person and peak season days at €190 per person. The charge applies to guests aged 3 and over and we paid €560 in total for 2 adults, a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old on a weekday in August.
  • Disney Premier Access One: the price varies depending on the ride and its queue time. The most popular rides such as Peter Pan, Crush’s Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain, Twilight Zone of Terror and Ratatouille run at around €12 and €13 while some of the others are €5.
Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Disney Premier Access One pricing during our visit

Is a Disney Premier Pass Worth the Cost?

So, is the Disney Premier Access Pass worth it? It’s a time versus cost scenario and, for us, it’s a yes, if we have a short stay (one day in the parks) and especially on the less expensive days! The convenience of walking straight onto some of the most popular rides at Disneyland Paris without any forward planning makes the Disney Premier Ultimate Pass absolutely worth the cost for us on those days.

If we are there for more than one day and are staying onsite then we focus on Extra Magic Hour. With good planning, it’s possible to ride many of the popular rides with very little wait time.

When making the decision on higher price days or when you have a longer stay there are a number of things we consider:

Benefits of the Premier Pass Ultimate

The combination of a full-capacity park and long wait times make the option of a Premier Pass very attractive:

Skip the queues: the Premier Pass Ultimate allows the opportunity to walk straight onto some of the most popular rides in the park. We saved so much time using the priority queues. The wait times for rides like Spider-Man, Peter Pan, Thunder Mountain and Crush’s Coaster often exceed 40 minutes (and over an hour for Crush’s Coaster).

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
We walked straight to the boarding gate on Peter Pan

Easier with younger kids: I really don’t like queueing. And I especially don’t like queueing with a 3 and 4-year-old who possess limited amounts of patience and a 4-month-old who likes to eat and sleep on demand! We definitely wouldn’t have been able to ride all the rides we wanted without the Ultimate Pass – our 3 and 4-year-olds do their best in queues but 60 minutes plus queues multiple times per day is a lot to ask of them.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Crush’s Coaster with a 1hr 50 minute queue just after park opening

Ride on Demand: one of the biggest benefits of the Disney Premier Ultimate Pass is that you can ride each of the 16 listed rides whenever you choose. The pass is completely flexible and you can enter the priority queue whenever you decide you want to ride.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Peter Pan

Make the most of limited time in the park: if you only have a day in the park the Disney Premier Ultimate Pass is awesome for maximising ride time. You can easily make it through the 16 rides covered by the pass in a half day and still have time to squeeze in the Avengers Campus and other popular rides like Dumbo and the Carousel. Then there are the wonderful shows, meet and greets and snacks to enjoy!

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Tower of Terror

Includes a wide selection of rides: the Disney Premier Access Ultimate Pass covers a wide selection of the most popular rides across the two parks. If you’re planning to ride the ever-popular thrill rides then Premier Access is a good investment as the queues rarely let up. Crush’s Coaster, Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan had long wait times for the entire day and the Premier Pass is very valuable on these rides.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access tip: to ensure the Ultimate Pass is worth the cost you will want to have most or all of the 16 included rides on your must-ride list to make the cost worth it!

If you have Extra Magic Hour: Extra Magic Hour is an amazing perk extended to Disney Hotel guests or Annual Pass Holders (you can check out our guide to the best Disneyland Paris Disney hotels) which grants guests access to the park an hour before regular opening. Extra Magic Hour is a great opportunity to walk on to some popular rides and enjoy shorter queues for others.

If you are there for a few days then you can really maximise Extra Magic Hour. Our Extra Magic Hours usually look something like:

  • We try and do Crush’s Coaster and then WEB Adventure in Extra Magic Hour at Walt Disney Studios
  • Start with Big Thunder Mountain and move on to Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland.

So really it depends! If you are only there for a a day or two the Disney Premier Ultimate Pass can still be worth it even with Extra Magic Hour. The Extra Magic Hour passes so quickly and there’s such a great selection of rides across the two parks that it’s still a challenge to squeeze everything in even with the pass and Extra Magic Hour!

You can use Extra Magic Hour to focus on popular rides that always have long queues but aren’t included in the pass – we spent most of our Extra Magic Time in Fantasyland where we ride Dumbo, Lancelot’s Carousel and the Teacups multiple times. My 4-year-old takes advantage of the short queues to grab some bonus rides on his favourite, Thunder Mountain, and we rode Orbitron in Discoveryland. It’s also a great time to check out a couple of character meet-and-greets.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Dumbo the Flying Elephant

We also squeezed in a few bonus rides on Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain before riding again later in the day with our pass!

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Buzz Lightyear

With the Walt Studios Extra Magic Hour you can also tick off many of its rides not included in the pass – RC Racer, Slinky Dog and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop are the obvious choices for Extra Magic Hour. Then you can ride Avengers Assemble and Spider-Man W.E.B (which often has queues well in excess of 60 minutes) at your leisure.

If you have a few days to enjoy the parks then you will likely be able to cover many of the popular rides with your Extra Magic Hour time.

Disney Premier Access One Passes: if you want to skip the queue on a 17th ride then you can purchase a Disney Premier One Pass for Orbitron. The single passes are also a great option if you don’t want the expense of an Ultimate Pass although they are time slot specific so it does require a little planning.

We usually purchase a couple of Disney Premier Access One passes on most of our visits to Disneyland Paris – like when we want to treat our Thunder Mountain-obsessed duo to their favourite ride before we set off for home!

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin

Any downsides?

Cost: There’s no denying that Disney Premier Passes are expensive. The Ultimate Pass uses low (€90), mid (€120), high (€160) and peak (€190) pricing depending on the day – on low-demand days it’s possible to get an Ultimate Pass for €90 which, for 16 rides, I think is a pretty reasonable price!

We paid €140 per person for our most recent purchase and we felt the Ultimate Pass was still worth the cost given the queue times. On peak days (like Halloween and Christmas) the pass can cost €190 per person and, because there are 4 of us and we visit regularly, we tend to go with some ad-hoc One passes on most trips – we’ve used them for Spiderman W.E.B Adventure (€18), Orbitron (€9), Buzz Lightyear (€12), Crush (€18) and Autopia (€7) so it would have been worthwhile for us to get the full pass!

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Waiting to board Crush’s Coaster

Even with One Passes the cost quickly adds up – with rides like Crush and Spiderman W.E.B, it can easily become a €75 purchase when you are travelling in a group of 4.

Disney Premier Access tips: If you are visiting across multiple days, you can opt to purchase a pass on the cheapest day. For example, if you are outside of peak times (around holidays like Christmas and Halloween) or the summer holidays (where high pricing typically applies every day) you can usually benefit from a €90 pass on weekdays. This means you could grab one for a Friday or Monday and save €50 compared to a €140 pass on weekend days.

Some popular rides aren’t included: If you have younger kids, some of the popular rides such as Dumbo, RC Racer, Slinky Dog and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop don’t have premier access queues.

Disneyland Paris Disney Premier Access tip: if you do opt for an Ultimate pass we recommend focusing on these other popular rides during Extra Magic Hour (if you have access) or in the late evening when queues can taper down on some of the rides. I never really see shorter wait times for Crush’s Coaster or Peter Pan even later in the day. If you don’t mind who you ride with or have older kids that can ride across carriages, Single Rider Access is another great option to cut queue times.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Cars Road Trip

How does Disney Premier Access Work?

After you purchase either a Disney Premier Ultimate or One pass you will have a QR code for the ride for each relevant guest in the Disneyland Paris App. The QR codes are scanned at the priority entrance to the ride and each rider in possession of a Disney Premier Access pass can join the priority queue.

Disney Premier Pass tip: we did everything through the Disneyland Paris App on our phones. If you don’t have a phone you can still purchase Premier Access at City Hall in the Disneyland Park or at Studios Services in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Rides are tracked in the Disney App

On some rides the Disney Premier Access can be almost instant while on others there can still be a short wait time. It really depends on the pre-ride set-up and how many riders have priority access at that specific time.

Disneyland Paris Premier Pass tip: we experienced wait times of less than 10 minutes on most of the rides but a couple (Crush’s Coaster, Tower of Terror, Spider-Man Web Adventure and Buzz Lightyear) still require a 15 to 20 minute wait – this is due to the pre shows on Tower of Terror and Spider-Man, and for other rides it’s down to where the premier line meets the regular line.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin

Disney Premier Access Ultimate vs Disney Premier Access One

Disney Premier Access One is effectively an a la carte version of Disney Premier Access Ultimate. Guests can purchase premier access for any of the 16 rides included in the Disney Premier Access Ultimate pass as well as Orbitron.

Disney Premier Access tip: always check the ride wait times before purchasing any Disney Premier Access One Passes. On busy days, especially when the park is at full capacity, Premier Access is absolutely worth it. If the park is quiet and queue times are short (a seemingly rare occurrence at the moment!) then a Premier Pass might not be worth the expense.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Walt Disney Studio wait times at 2pm on a summer day

The main differences between a Disney Premier Access One Pass and a Disney Premier Access Ultimate Pass are:

  • Ride Selection: the Disney Premier Access One pass is available for all 16 of the rides included in the Disney Premier Access Ultimate pass. Guests can also purchase a Disney Premier Access One pass for Orbitron which is not included in the Ultimate Pass.
  • Time slots for rides: Guests can ride at whatever time they choose to with an Ultimate pass. With the Disney Premier Access One pass guests are allocated a time slot during which they are allowed access to the ride. A limited number of Premier Access One slots are allocated each hour so you might have to wait a while for your slot time for the most popular rides at peak times.
Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Purchasing a Disney Premier One Pass

Do Children Need to purchase a Disney Premier Pass?

Children aged 3 and over need to purchase a full-price Disney Premier Pass if you want to take them through the priority queue although younger guests won’t meet the height requirements for some of the rides. This is only really an issue for 3-year-olds – as I’ve mentioned below, our 3-year-old could only ride 8/16 rides but our 4-year-old was able to ride 13/16 rides available under the Disney Premier Ultimate Pass (at almost 6, he can still only make the same 12 rides as the others are 120cm+). The Ultimate Pass is worth it for ages 4 and up in my experience.

However, you don’t need to purchase a Premier Pass for everyone in your party. If you are worried about younger kids not using all the rides you could purchase individual Disney Premier One passes for the rides they can ride and then they can join you using the priority entrance – the only issue with this is that you will need to wait for their Premier One Pass time slot before you can ride so it’s not quite as flexible.

Disney Premier Access pass tips: if you have a hotels and ticket package you can only buy Ultimate passes for everyone in the party through the website. If you only want to buy passes for some members of the party you can call up or purchase via the app from 7 days before arrival.

Our experience of the Disney Premier Ultimate Pass with young kids

We purchased a pass for our 3-year-old and 4-year-old as part of our tickets and hotel package.

Our 3-year-old was able to ride 8 of 16 rides included in the Disney Premier Ultimate Pass: she went on Peter Pan’s Flight, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Autopia, Ratatouille, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars Road Trip. She also met the entry requirements for Phantom Manor but we didn’t think it was age-appropriate for her (she’s now 4 and loves it!).

Our 4-year-old rode an additional 5 rides (so he made it on 13 of the 16 rides included in the Disney Ultimate Pass): in addition to the rides our 3-year-old went on, he met the requirements for Big Thunder Mountain, Star Wars: The Adventures Continue, Crush’s Coaster, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. He was happy to try out Phantom Manor.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin
Our 4 year old was able to ride 13 of the 16 rides covered by the Ultimate Pass

We were able to use their thrill ride passes for ourselves so we rode Space Mountain and Indiana Jones a couple of times each and our 4-year-old rode Thunder Moutain and Crush twice in a row, accompanying each of us. I’ve since read that the passes are not transferable so there’s no guarantee this is possible if the Cast Member decides to restrict access.

Disneyland Paris Premier Access PassPin

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    • Hi Joy

      Most of the rides are almost walk on or less than 5 minutes. Crush takes about 10-15 minutes depending on how many are in the premier queue (still great vs 100+minutes) and Spiderman is probably the same. If you have the 2 park ticket you can go between the two parks as often as you like.


  2. This is a great article, thanks!

    Can you buy Premier Access One passes for individual rides ahead of time, or do these need to be purchased on the day of your visit?

  3. Thank you for the information. I didn’t see any mention of Pirates. Is it closed? Or not included? Or did you mention it and I just didn’t see it? Thank you.

    • Hi Paul

      Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t included in the Premier Access rides but the queue isn’t usually too long. I’ve usually made it onto the ride in less than 15 minutes – just check the app for the wait time before you go over to make sure it isn’t busy.

  4. Hihi thanks for your infomation. It is very informative.

    But i have some questions on the access one pass.

    1. You said each person can only buy three attractions per day, but I saw you bought 5 attractions. Was it because couples can buy six (3+3) attractions in one day?

    2. Do u know how many access one can I buy at the same time for an attraction if I need to buy to my kids as well?

    • Hi Phoebe

      We bought our one passes over multiple days. I believe it is 3 passes per person per day maximum. You can buy a pass for any tickets listed on your App – so I’ve bought 4 passes per ride (2 adults and 2 kids) – it’s also possible to buy passes for specific people in the group (so I’ve bought a pass for myself and my 4 year old only on some rides).


  5. Thanks for the info! Do you know how early the premium access passes sell out? If I book now but wait to book that pass later (we’re going in May), how late can I push it to make that decision?

    Thanks again!

  6. Hello! I am planning on going to dlp on Friday the 3rd till Sunday the 5th in February. Are the waiting lines always long or will they be short due to the fact that its February. Would you recommend getting a premier pass for all 3 day? thank you for the help!!

    • Hi Max

      There are school holidays in France so it can be busy but early February might be quieter. You could wait and see how the crowds look and then buy some single passes for rides like Spiderman and Crushes Coaster. If you’re staying onsite Extra Magic Hour is such a great bonus and you can usually fit in a good selection of rides.


  7. If you purchase the ultimate pass- can you ride the attractions multiple times or are you only granted access to each attraction one time?

  8. Hi,

    Can I show the pass at the line for my children to let them on, even if I don’t ride? I don’t have a phone for everyone.

    Thanks very much!

    • Hi Hollie, yes it has to be used in one day so you need a 2-park ticket to make the most of it. The parks are next to each other so it’s easy to switch between the two – some days we go twice to each park depending on rides/shows/meet and greets!


    • The single rider option works great on some rides but it’s probably still worth considering getting the Premier Pass – the single rider queue on Crush can still be pretty long and some rides e.g. Big Thunder Mountain don’t have a single rider option. On the other hand, Ratatouille and Space Mountain are relatively quick with the single rider line.

  9. Thanks for writing a terrific article. You mentioned that you went in September. We are going during the week this September for two day trips – 14th and 21st. The crowd calendar is a low date, but I was wondering what your experience was on the ground. We are regular Disney visitors – first time to Paris Disney and no access to early hours as we are based in Paris. Should we bite the bullet and just buy the premier ultimate pass? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Sarah

      It’s so hard to tell right now as the parks seem to be consistently busy. Given it’s a weekday and many children are back to school (you will know the French calendar better than me but I understand the schools return early September) you could wait and see how it looks closer to the time.


  10. Thank you, this was very helpful! Can you please tell me the best way to get from Paris to Disneyland and back? I considered the shuttle but it looks like it returns at 9pm and we want to stay out later.

    • Hi Christine

      You can take the RER – the tickets are not expensive. It depends where you want to go in Paris but you might need to change train. The easiest way to plan the route is to pop it in Google maps and take it from there.


  11. I read this on Disneylandparis.com:
    “You can buy a maximum of 3 Disney Premier Access One per attraction per Guest per day”. This contradicts with what you wrote: “Guests can purchase up to 3 Disney Premier Access One passes per guest per day.” You also wrote “I believe it is 3 passes per person per day maximum.” as a reply to Phoebe. Can you please clarify this? Thanks.

    • Hi!

      I always assumed it was one premier access pass per attraction per day but the wording on the website suggests 3 per attraction per day and no limit on the total number purchased! I’ve never purchased more than one or two individual passes in any given day so I’ll have to double check.


  12. Hi thank you for this helpful article! I am a Disney rookie – for a family of five then, for the day, we need to buy the two-park pass for 5 people **plus** 5 premier passes, is that correct? Rough calculations for that sound like approx. $1,500 for a single day, is that what we’re looking at cost-wise?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Amanda

      You’d need park hopper passes and the premier passes, yes. Have you looked at staying onsite? We are a family of 5 and find it really good value as park tickets are included from check in to check out if you book direct with Disney – so a one night stay includes 2 days of park passes for everyone on the reservation. Our youngest is one so it’s quite easy to get a room but if you have older kids you could look at the family rooms or Davy Crockett. We’ve stayed at all the onsite hotels, you can read our overview here.

  13. Hi. I’m traveling with a party of 4 but 2 of us want the ultimate access pass. Can that be done? If so how? I only see the option on the app to add it to the entire party.

  14. Hi, just to see if I understood correctly. The ultimate passes can be used once per person on each of the 15 rides? And there is nothing to do or book time slots? You just scan it on entry to rides?
    Thanks for the great review.

    • Hi Sarah

      That’s correct as you’ve described. You see the available rides on your app and they are checked off when you scan into the premier access line at each ride. If you book the individual passes you are allocated a time to ride but it can be almost instant.


  15. Hi Elaine

    Do the premier pass slots sell out quickly if it is a busy day? We are going on Halloween so expect it to be extremely busy. Do I have to consider logging in at midnight??

    Many thanks

  16. We are planning to visit DLP in April. I don’t think that the ultimate pass is best option for our family, so we are planning on buying some access one passes instead.
    When I research how many access one passes I can purchase per day I can only find a limit of “3 passes per guest per day”. They don’t mention any time limit between the passes or anything about park limitation. Does this mean that I can get 3 passes per guest per day for each park? (making a potential of 6 access one passes for my 1 day visit)?

    • Hi Nathalie

      I’d assume it was 3 passes in total if that’s how the rule is stated. If you plan your day (especially if you have are staying onsite with Extra Magic Hour) you should be fine with less than 3 – Crush, WEBslignger and Peter Pan consistently have a long wait time from open to close but you can usually find a quieter time on the others. Big Thunder and Space Mountain are also long waits but I rode both the other night close to park close and only waited a few minutes.


  17. Hi! We´re planning to visit both parks in August. I have few questions:
    1. Do you recomend to visit both parks in 1 day? Or it´s better to visit 1 park per day?
    2. I think we´ll purchase the ultimate pass, but I want to know how the reservations work, I mean, can we make reservations for many attractions at the same time? Or we have to make reservations one by one? If it´s one bye one, how long do we have to wait to make the next reservation? Thanks for the information!

    • Hi Maria, we usually stay onsite and the Disney hotel packages include park hopper tickets so you move between the parks. Otherwise I’d do a single park ticket for Disneyland and a park hopper for Walt Disney Studios – sometimes we spend a whole day there but often we pop back over to Disneyland Park later in the day.

      If you buy a premier Ultimate pass you just scan into each ride as you wish – you only reserve a time if you are booking the individual rides. You can often book them for quite soon so you could one by one or, if it’s busy, grab some later slots for the popular rides. If you’re staying onsite and have Extra Magic Hour you might be fine with Extra Magic Hour – we usually manage all our favourites when it’s quiet.

      You can check out our guides to Extra Magic Hour here and the Disney hotels here if you need more info.

  18. Hi please can you shed some light. I have purchased a dated 2 parks ticket. I want to know if I cancel it and purchase the ultimate premier access ticket from the app, would it serve as the main ticket to get in the parks or do I still have to purchase the standard ticket which you can buy from the main website alongside the premier access ticket???

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Tonz

      No it doesn’t serve as a park ticket. You need to buy a park ticket and then Premier Access separately – you can also buy pay as you premier access one ride at a time on the day of your visit.



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