Guide to Landscape Arch, Arches NP (2023)

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Leading to one of the world’s longest arches, the Landscape Arch trail is among the most popular in Arches National Park. Landscape Arch stretches an incredible 306 feet across the sky in an impossibly narrow arch and spans longer than a football pitch.

The trail to Landscape Arch is one of our favorite in Arches and the arch itself is magnificent. For those of you planning a trip to Arches National Park we wanted to share our experience and tips for hiking the Landscape Arch trail.

Arches National Park Itinerary tip: remember, if you are planning to visit Arches between April 3 and October 3 2022 please be aware than a pilot timed entry system has been introduced during this period. See our Arches National Park itinerary for more details.

Landscape ArchPin
Landscape Arch, Arches National Park

Landscape Arch, Arches National Park

Landscape Arch is located in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. The park has the highest concentration of natural stone arches in the world and is full of amazing trails, arches and rock formations. Arches is close to both Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park and a stay in Moab is an incredible opportunity to visit all three.

At 306 feet long Landscape Arch is the longest of the park’s 2,000 natural stone arches. It holds the title of the longest natural stone arch in the USA and the fifth largest on the planet. Landscape Arch is 11 feet thick at its center and its thinnest section is just 6 feet thick, crazy when you consider it is supporting an arch that is over 300 feet long!

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Landscape Arch is impossibly narrow in parts!

The arch is remarkable and the trail showcases some of the most beautiful landscapes in Arches.

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The trail showcases some beautiful Arches landscape

Located at the very rear of the park, the Landscape Arch trail is part of the Devils Garden area of Arches. With 7 amazing arches visible from its trails, Devils Garden is the adventure playground of Arches National Park and is easily one of the best hikes in Arches National Park. The layout of Devils Garden means you can follow different trails to each of the arches and Landscape Arch is its most popular hike.

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Double O Arch is another Devils Garden highlight

Where to stay in Arches National Park/Moab

Most visitors to Arches stay in the nearby town of Moab. With its small-town feel and easy accessibility to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park, we loved our stay in Moab. Here are our picks for where to stay in Moab:

  • Springhill Suites Moab: both the Springhill Suites and the Fairfield Inn Moab are perfectly located for visiting all the Moab parks. Both offer modern rooms and a decent breakfast and the two properties share an outdoor pool which is awesome for some post hike relaxation! – check prices now!
  • Red Cliffs Lodge: set against the spectacular backdrop of towering red cliffs and the mighty Colorado River, Red Cliffs Lodge has a homely feel. Rooms are large and comfortable – check prices now!
  • Devils Garden Campground: Arches only in park accommodation, the Devils Garden Campground has 51 sites. Sites can be reserved up to 6 months in advance from March through October. 25 sites are available on a first come first serve basis during the rest of the year.

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Hiking to Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch is an easy 1.6 mile round trip.  Many visitors also include the short side trail which leads to Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch and adds an extra 0.5 miles to the hike.

  • Hike Length: 1.6 miles
  • Hike Difficulty: easy

Landscape Arch is park of the incredible Devils Garden section of Arches National Park. The trail begins 18 miles from the park’s entrance and is located at the very north of Park Avenue, the main road through Arches National Park.

Landscape Arch tip: there is a large parking lot, the Devils Garden Parking Lot, adjacent to the start of the trail. There are bathroom facilities which are open year-round and drinking water is available outside of the winter months.

Landscape ArchPin
The entrance to the Devils Garden trails

Landscape Arch is located along the early part of the Devils Playground Trail. The trail is relatively easy and follows a well-defined path with some moderate hills along the way. The trail is often lined with wildflowers and there are wonderful views all along the hike to Landscape Arch.

Landscape ArchPin
The trail to Landscape Arch

We visited Arches National Park in November and the trail was quite icy with mud in parts. It was really cold so we are well wrapped up!

Landscape ArchPin
The trail to Landscape Arch

The trail to Landscape Arch passes through tall fins, a narrow rock wall which eventually erodes to form the signature arches, on the hike to the arch. Devils Garden is one of the best places in the park to see the fins and it is incredible to gain an understanding of how the arches once were before erosion led to their current structure.

Landscape ArchPin
The trail to Landscape Arch passes some stunning Arches landscape

The hike to Landscape Arch is an awesome trail for families as kids can safely walk the entire trail if they have the stamina. Our two year old walked most of the way out to Landscape Arch and then hopped in his carrier for an easy ride back to the car!

Landscape Arch tip: This was one of favorite hikes in Arches National Park with kids! The trial is well protected and there are no exposed sides or sheer drops which we worried about while hiking Delicate Arch with kids.

Landscape ArchPin
Our two year old hitching a ride when he got tired!

The trail originally passed right under Landscape Arch but a previous rock fall means that hikers are only allowed as far as the viewing platforms. The arch is magnificent to see and, if you look closely at the backdrop, you will see Partition Arch in the background.

We continued a little past the viewing platform around to the right and loved the views from this vantage point.

Landscape ArchPin
Our favorite view of Landscape Arch

Side Trails: Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch

If you’re happy to add an extra half mile to the trail then take the spur for Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch. They are located on a side trail of the Landscape Arch trail and the three are easily combined. We hiked to Pine Tree and Tunnel Arch and really enjoyed seeing the two arches.

  • Hike Length: additional 0.5 miles off the Landscape Arch trail
  • Hike Difficulty: easy

Located on a side trail off the Landscape Arch trail, the path to both Pine Tree and Tunnel Arch is well defined with some moderate hills.

Tunnel Rock is visible in the distance from a viewing platform on the trail and cuts through the rock like a tunnel.

Landscape ArchPin
Tunnel Arch

After viewing Tunnel Rock, the trail continues towards Pine Tree Arch and finishes a few feet from the arch itself. The views through the arch are beautiful with some great stone formations as the backdrop to the arch.

Landscape ArchPin
Pine Tree Arch

Tips for Landscape Arch hike


the summers are hot in Arches and temperatures often reach 100°F. Make sure to hike outside the midday sun, bring lots of water and wear sunscreen and a sunhat to protect from the sun. Water is available in the parking lot outside of the winter months.


Winters are chilly in Arches. We last visited Arches in November and it was freezing during the day. Make sure to layer up and, if the trails are icy, use Yaktrax on your shoes for extra grip. For more on Arches National Park in winter click here!

Landscape ArchPin
The trail was icy on our November visit to Arches


there is a large parking lot at Devils Garden with capacity for 160 cars. The trail is extremely popular so you may have to wait for a space.

Stay safe

Stay on the trails and don’t climb the arches: climbing the arches is not permitted in Arches National Park. Hikers are also requested to stay on the trails in order to avoid damaging the biological soil crust.

Landscape ArchPin
Stay on the trail!

Nearby Hikes in Devils Garden

As well as Landscape, Pine Tree and Tunnel Arch, the Devils Garden has 4 other amazing arches and a towering sandstone tower visible from its trails:

  • Double O Arch
  • Private Arch
  • Navajo and Partition Arches
  • Dark Angel sandstone pillar

After reaching Landscape Arch the hike becomes more difficult as it leads towards Double O Arch. There are side trails leading to the Navajo and Partition Arches.

Best Hikes in Arches National ParkPin
Navajo Arch in Devils Garden

For those who want an additional challenge, the Primitive Trail is an alternative route back from Double O Arch. Private Arch is accessible from the Primitive Trail.

Landscape ArchPin
The Primitive Trail is one of the most challenging

The entire Devils Garden hike is a total of 7.2 miles if you include all the arches and Dark Angel and return via the Primitive trail.

Dark Angel

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