11 Goonies Filming Locations You Can Visit

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Oregon, USA

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Nothing stokes nostalgia for the 1980’s more than checking out the original Goonies filming locations in Oregon! There was a time after The Goonies movie was released when every 80’s kid wanted a treasure map and to go in search of One-Eyed Willy’s lost treasure! Any Goonies fans planning an Oregon trip should make sure Astoria is on their list as it was here that the majority of the iconic Goonie movie scenes were filmed. We had a fun few days exploring Astoria and the surrounding area and have put together this list of our favorite Goonies filming locations near Astoria, including a map of all the locations and tips for visiting them all. 


Goonies Filming Locations

Most of the Goonies filming locations are dotted around the town of Astoria in Oregon so movie fans should aim to spend most of their time here. We stayed in nearby Seaside and made some day trips to see all the locations. We hope you have as much fun exploring the Goonies filming locations as we did! Just try not to truffle shuffle too much!


Map of the Goonies Filming Locations 

Map of The Goonies Filming Locations

Map of The Goonies Filming Locations Click here for the map



1 | County Jail (Oregon Film Museum): Jailhouse

This is easily one of the most recognisable Goonies filming locations in Astoria. The county jail in Astoria was the jailhouse that held Jake Fratelli up to when his family helped him escape. The actual jeep that was used by the Fratellis is usually parked out in front of the jailhouse. The county jail is now home to the Oregon Film Museum which celebrates the history of film-making in Oregon. The self-guided tour of the museum is short at less than 30 minutes but visitors can see the cell where some of the Goonies scenes were actually shot.

Oregon Film Museum Goonies Jailhouse

The Jailhouse, complete with the Fratellis jeep out front


2 | The Goonies House

Address: 368 38th Street, Astoria  Click here for exact location

This is probably the most famous Goonies filming location in Astoria and the one that all visitors will want to see in person. Unfortunately, while the actual house is still here, it’s not possible or recommended to get close to the actual house itself. Over the years thousands of people have visited the house, to the point now that the owners have restricted access to the small road that leads up to the house. The road up to the house is now marked private, however, it is possible to see the house from a distance from further down the main road.

There is no street parking close to The Goonies House, so you may want to park a few blocks away and walk closer to The Goonies house.

The Goonies Filming Locations tip: We recommend to our readers to respect the owners personal space and to not try to approach the Goonies House. There are signs there for a reason and the right thing to do is to respect their wishes.

So while it won’t be possible to try a truffle shuffle at the house, it is possible to see it, albeit from a distance.

The Goonies House Astoria

The Goonies House


3 | Datas House

Address: 304 38th Street, Astoria, Oregon, USA Click for exact location

Data’s House is located right beside the Goonies house on the same private road. While it’s also not possible to get close to the house, it is possible to see it from a distance similar to the Goonies House itself.

The Goonies House Astoria

You can just see the corner of Datas house (in blue) to the left of the Goonies house from the lower main road


4 | Mouth’s house

Address: 32 Skyline Avenue, Astoria Click for exact location

Mouth’s House that features in some early scenes in the movie is a short drive up the hill from the County Jail. The front of the house is in one scene and in another Mouth is his bedroom with the view from the actual location behind him visible out through the window

Mouth's House Astoria Goonies Filming Locations

Mouth’s House

Mouth's House Goonies Filming Locations

The view from Mouths House that feature in a scene in the movie


5 | Astoria Coffee Co – Car chase – Rosalita Crosses the street

Address: 304 37th St, Astoria Click for exact location

A quick stop at the cross walk opposite Astoria Coffee Co is the scene where the car chase careers down the street as Rosalita crosses.


6 | Lower Columbia Bowl – Chunk Sees Car Chase

Address: 826 Marine Dr, Astoria

The scene where Chunk sees the car chase through the window of is shot from the Lower Columbia Bowling alley.  Today the building is still operating as a bowling alley and you can see the glass where Chunk viewed the car chase from.

Columbia Bowl Astoria Goonies

The Lower Columbia Bowl present day


7 | Flavel House Museum – Astoria Historical Musuem

Address: 441 8th St, Astoria

One of the most beautiful buildings in Astoria is the Astoria Historical Museum.  In the movie the Goonies cycle down the hill past the museum where Mikey’s father (Mr. Walsh) worked. Visitors to Astoria can do a self-guided tour of this historic house that lasts around an hour.


Flavel House Museum Goonies Filming Locations

Flavel House Museum


8 | Ecola State Park: Fratelli Hideout and Start of Treasure Hunt

Ecola State Park is home to several Goonies filming locations that visitors will instantly recognise from the movie.  One of the best-known locations is where Fratelli’s had their hideout and where the Goonies started their treasure hunt. Known as the Lighthouse Lounge in the movie, the hideout was purpose-built for filling and taken down afterwards. Today you can visit the location of the scene where a small structure stands in place of the hideout in the movie. 

Lighthouse Lounge Ecola State Park

The site of The Fratellis Hideout in Ecola State Park


The second scene is when the Goonies stop on their bikes when searching for the start of the treasure map. This scene is from along the Indian Beach trail through Ecola State Park.

Indian Beach Trail Ecola State Park

The backdrop where the Goonies search for the start of the treasure map


There a numerous other scene shot in the park and the road where Mikey’s brother (Brandon) is pushed off his bike is in the area.


9 | Cannon Beach: End of Fratelli Car chase

Address: Cannon Beach

Also the beach where the final scene from Point Break was filmed

Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock


10 | Andy Cheer Practice – formerly John Warren Field

Address: 1898-1828 Exchange St, Astoria Click for exact location

The scene with Andy at cheer practice was filmed at John Warren Field. Unfortunately, the site is now the location the Columbia Memorial Hospital but some of the grassy area from John Warren field is still visible.


11 | Cauldron Point – Goat Rock Beach California

Address: Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma Coast State Park Click for exact location

Despite the rumors the final scene in the movie where One-Eyed Willie’s ship sails into the sunset was not shot at Indian Beach. The final scene from the Goonies was shot at Goat Rock Beach in California.

Goat Rock Beach California

Goat Rock Beach California where the final scenes were shot






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  1. Lucy C Dreamer

    You can park on Duane St. Pedestrians are at least tolerated on.l 38th St. There is a box for donations. Please put some cash in it to express gratitude. This is a sacred place for some of us. Show respect lke you would in a church. My son was 7 years old when we saw this movie. His name is Michael but we didn’t call him Mikey

  2. Lucy

    PS It’s Monday, 11:30 am. No other pilgrim’s here now. I parked beside Data’s house…the blue one on the corner.


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