10 Rome Secret Sights: the hidden must see sights of Rome!

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Rome is full to the brim of secret sights and surprises and we made it our mission to find the best of its hidden gems! Here’s our guide to 10 of the best and less well known tourist attractions in Rome!

1 |  Peek through the keyhole on Aventine Hill

Imagine standing in one country, looking through a keyhole across another and into a third. That’s exactly what you can do at the Knight of Malta gate on Aventine Hill in Rome where a tiny, nondescript keyhole adorns a green wooden door at the top of hill. The secret is that the keyhole lines up directly with the beautiful, tree lined priory garden and centres on St. Peters Bascilica in the Vatican. It’s hard to imagine that the view was a beautiful accident when building the doorway and gardens but either either way it’s one of the most unusual and stunning viewpoints we’ve ever seen.

Rome Secret Sights-4
The unbelievable view when you peek through!
Rome Secret Sights-6
The beautiful gardens perfectly surrounding St Peter’s Basilica
What's through the keyhole?
What’s through the keyhole?

Where to Stay in Rome

Rome centre is a relatively compact city and we highly reccommend staying in the city centre. It’s easy to walk to everything, especially when the crowds are less in the mornings and evenings. Our favourite Rome hotels are:

  • Hotel Navona: an absolute hidden gem we try to stay in every time we visit Rome. It’s close to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon and it’s location means we can walk almost everywhere across the city. Prices are really reasonable and the management are top class – Check prices now!
  • Albergo del Sonato: In the Albergo del Senato opt for a room overlooking the Pantheon and throw open the windows for an amazing view and the sounds of Roman life! It’s seasonal rooftop bar is an amazing perk for residents only. Both are perfect for a Rome break – Check prices now!

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2 | Climb the Copula at St Peter’s Basilica

25,000 visitors make the trip to see the Vatican every day but few are aware of it’s most spectacular hidden gem. It’s possible to climb to the very top of the Copula, otherwise known as St Peter’s Dome, and be rewarded with sweeping views across Rome and the Vatican. It’s a breathtaking (literally!) 551 steps to along narrow sloping walkways and spiral steps to reach the top although it is possible to take an elevator and pass the first 200 of them!

Rome Secret Sights-19
The incredible view from the top!
Rome Secret Sights-22
The Bascilica from mid climb

3 | Stand on the Meridian Line at the Basilica of St Mary of Angels and Martyrs

Let’s face it, most Rome Churches are spectacular but St Mary’s has a quirky addition that makes it stand out – a sundial was built along the Meridian Line crossing Rome and everyday between 11:54am to 12:14am the sun shines through a small gap in the ceiling and casts its light on the line. Don’t forget to look up: holes in the ceiling trace the passage of the stars!

Rome Secret Sights-14
The Meridian Line
Rome Secret Sights-16
Watch the sun flow through the gap in the ceiling
Rome Secret Sights-17
Poses along Rome’s Meridian Line!
Rome Secret Sights-13
The beautiful exterior of the Church

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4 | Discover ancient Egypt at the Pyramid of Cestius

A 2,000 year old ancient pyramid is the last thing we expect to stumble across in Rome but, alas, we hadn’t taken a wrong turn to Egypt! Built between 12 and 18 BC the 120 foot pyramid was constructed as a tomb for a wealthy Roman with an Egyptian fascination. Standing at the meeting point of two ancient Roman roads the towering pyramid is in stark contrast to it’s surrounds!

Rome Secret Sights-7
Egypt..or Rome?!


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5 | Gaze in awe at Caravaggio’s finest paintings in the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi

The legendary 17th Century Italian artist and one of the fathers of Modern painting, Caravaggio had a checkered lifetime which included the murder of a man in a bar brawl. His genius overshadows his tumultuous history and some of his finest works are on display at the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi where a trio of incredible paintings surround the altar: The Calling of St Matthew, The Inspiration of St Matthew and the Martyrdom of St Matthew. It’s incredible to see the masterpieces in their natural habitat and the church has free entry.

Rome Secret Sights-10
The incredible trio of paintings
Rome Secret Sights-11
The Martyrdom of St Matthew

6 | Test your honesty at La Bocca della Verità, the Mouth of Truth

Mind you hands at the Mouth of Truth! The first century marble face is thought to be from a fountain or a manhole cover. Legend has it that if one tells a lie with their hand in its mouth then it will be bitten off.

Rome Secret Sights-27
Rome’s lie detector!

7 | Be mesmerised by the spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum

The enchanting spiral staircase in the Vatican museum is guaranteed to hold your gaze and have you reaching for your camera to capture its perfection. It’s made up of two staircases: an upward and a downward staircase in a double helix and they combine to create a mesmerising effect.

Rome Secret Sights-8
The stunning Vatican staircase

8 | Pass through the Holy Door at the Basilica 

Every 25 years a hidden Basilica door sealed with bricks is struck three times with a silver hammer and opened by the Pope. The towering door is a stunning construction depicting scenes from the Bible and, as a mark of the Jubilee year, the door will remain open until November 20th 2016 and will be then be resealed.

Rome Secret Sights-29
The Holy Door
Rome Secret Sights-30
Passing through the Holy Door

9 | Watch a beautiful sunset over the Rome rooftops

Like many cities Rome is best appreciated from the sky and the many rooftop bars and restaurants are hidden gems with incredible skyline views. Our favourite is the Le Cupole Bar at the Grand Hotel De La MInerve overlooking the Pantheon. Sip a cocktail while watching the sunset for a perfect evening in Rome.

Rome Secret Sights-24
A perfect Rome sunset
Rome Secret Sights-25
A sea of beautiful city rooftops

10 | Feel the magic at Porta Alchemica

A magic door stands among the ruins of Villa Palombara on Esquiline Hill where Roman Alchemist Massimilano Palombara lived in the early 1600s. Intriguing inscriptions decorate the door: ‘three are the wonders: God and man, mother and virgin, the one and three’ and ‘the dragon of the Hesperides watches over the entrance of the magic garden, and without Hercules Jason would have not tasted the pleasures of Colchis’. Legend has it that if the inscriptions are recited in the correct order the person will pass through the door to another dimension!

Rome Secret Sights-31
The magic door flanked by a gargoyle on either side

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