Norway Road Trip Bucket List: 40 Must See Norway Sights and Experiences!

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An epic 4,500km road trip through Norway saw us fall in love with its stunning scenery and incredible natural beauty. Each day was filled with spectacular must see sights and we experienced many incredible once in a lifetime moments. From waking up to stunning Fjordland views to standing on 5,000 year old glaciers to the 24 hour sunlight in the Arctic Circle, Norway quickly stole our hearts. We’ve narrowed 4,500km of amazing Norway moments into 40 of our top sights and experiences which should be at the top of any Norway road trip itinerary!

If you are planning a trip to Norway check out our Norway itinerary for more inspiration!

1 | Drive the Snow Road: Aurlandsfjellet

The famous Aurlandsfjellet snow road is a 46km stretch of mountain road which is only open during the summer months due to heavy snow in the winter making the route impassable. It owes its name to the snow walls lining the road even in mid-summer.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-2
Aurlandsfjellet Snow Road

2 | Wake up in Lysefjord

One of the most beautiful fjords in Norway, Lysefjord is home to both the stunning Pulpit Rock and Kjeragbolten hikes. It also has one of the most beautiful camping spots we’ve ever seen: this was the view from our tent as we awoke to a fresh Norweigan morning. No words can really describe how stunning it was!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip
Good morning Lysefjord!

Photography Gear

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3 | Hike to Kjeragbolten

It was a picture of the infamous Kjeragbolten, a free hanging rock impossibly wedged in a mountain crevice overlooking the beautiful Lysefjord, that sealed the deal on our Norway trip. A 9km hike with a 600metre climb is a daunting prospect but Kjerag is a beautiful hike and entirely worth the effort! Step out onto the Kjerag rock if you are brave enough!

Norway sightseeing tip: If you’re planning to climb Kjerag check out our how to guide here!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-10
The famous Kjeragbolten rock wedged between two cliff faces
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-4
Don’t look down! Standing on Kjeragbolten!

Norway sightseeing tip: Be sure to check out the Oygardstol viewpoint beside Kjerag hike car park, the views into the fjord below are incredible.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-6
The Oygardstol viewpoint

Norway Travel Guidebooks

We used a number of guidebooks when planning our Norway road trip. Our favourite was the DK guide as it had good general information but the LonelyPlanet edition was good for more details.

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4 | Walk among the sculptures at Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

Angry babies, the circle of life, monoliths and nakedness: not exactly what we were expecting when, after two weeks of Norwegian road trip wilderness, we arrived in Oslo and visited the incredibly weird and wonderful Vigeland Sculpture Park! Vigeland is the life work of Gustav Vigeland and the sculptures represent the Human Condition illustrating the complexities of relationships and the journey from the cradle to the grave. PS. In case there was any doubt, the angry babies and nakedness form part of the 212 bronze sculptures scattered throughout the park!

Norway sightseeing tip: Check out more pics of our visit to Vigeland here!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-14
Man under attack from genii spirits
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-15
The Monolith

5 | Enjoy an epic sunset!

The land of the midnight sun is famous for itsnever-endingg daylight but, as we headed south towards Oslo, we captured many beautiful sunsets as the days drew to a close.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-80
The sun setting on another beautiful Norwegian day

6 | Hike to Pulpit Rock

The iconic Pulpit Rock, jutting out into the Lysefjord, is one of the most recognisable places in Norway. A relatively straightforward hike took us to the summit of Pulpit rock where, like a preacher on a pulpit, we gazed down the sheer cliff face into the Fjord below!

Check out our tips and tricks for hiking to Pulpit Rock here

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-7
Beyond belief: Pulpit Rock!
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-9
A spot of meditation above Lysefjord!
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-8
Are you brave enough! Swinging over Lysefjord!

7 | Chase waterfalls at Steindalfossen

Waterfalls are aplenty in Norway but the viewing platform behind Stenindalfossen makes it one of our favourites! Follow the walkways alongside the waterfall to experience the force of the cascading water and feel the spray of the water. As a bonus, it is located in the heart of the idyllic Norwegian countryside in the midst of beautiful farmland and scenery.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-19
The Steindalfossen Waterfall
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-21
Feel the force!

8 | Visit Bryggen, Bergen

Located in the scenic city of Bergen, the old quarter of Bryggen is a cluster of stacked wooden buildings originating from the 12th Century which line the city’s waterfront. The wooden alleyways are quaint and inviting and house a mix of boutiques, restaurants, bars and museums. The old wharf is a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated due to its importance to trade and the 62 preserved buildings which remain.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-22
Bryggen: the old wharf of Bergen

Where to Stay in Bergen

  • Bergen Budget Hotel: A great value hotel option and perfectly located right beside the UNESCO Bryggen waterfront. There are lots of restaurant and bar options on your doorstep – Check prices now!
  • Scandic Neptun: Located close to the Bryggen waterfront, this modern Norwegian hotel is perfect for exploring Bergen for a few days. The UNESCO seafront area only a 5 minute walk away – Check prices now!
  • First Hotel Marin: Located beside the historic fish market the First Hotel Marin overlooks the historic pier of Bryggen. The rustic styled rooms and views overlooking the port make this a top pick in BergenCheck prices now!

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9 | Appreciate the views at Geirangerfjord 

Part of the West Norweigan fjords, Geirangerfjord is one of the most iconic Norway sights. This massive fjord has some truly stunning viewpoints, the best of which is the Flydalsjuvet Viewpoint: from here the size and scale of the majestic fjord can truly be seen, with the massive cruise ships seeming almost toy like in comparison!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-23
The majestic Geringerfjord from the “Flydalsjuvet” viewpoint

10 | Sail to the Urnes Stave Church

Tucked away on the shores of the Lustra Fjord and only accessible by car ferry is one of the most beautiful Stave churches in Norway. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage, the medieval wooden Church is very special both inside and out and the serene setting overlooking the fjord will take your breath away.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-25
Urnes Stave Church

11 | Feel tiny at Nærøyfjord

Surrounded by steep mountains and cascading waterfalls, Naeroyfjord is one of the most scenic places in Norway. We stayed in the heart of the valley in a log cabin tucked beneath the cavernous walls of the fjord. With the snowcapped mountains towering high around our cabin if felt like we were the smallest people on the planet!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-27
Waking up in a scenic dream!

12 | Drive through the world’s longest road tunnel: Laerdal Tunnel

Only the Norwegians can make a tunnel look this good! At 24.5km the Laerdal tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world and takes around 20 minutes to drive through. There are beautifully lit rest areas where conditions mimic daylight and are definitely worth a stop along the way!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-28
Deep inside the Laerdal Tunnel

13 | Pitch a tent in the wilderness!

As long as the Norwegian right of access rules are followed free camping is permissible in Norway. It’s an amazing opportunity to get away from it all and wake up to some incredible views. Given the wide variety of wildlife that wanders around the countryside, it’s one for the knowledgeable or very brave!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-77
Magical morning views from our tent!
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-64
Not a spot for sleepwalkers!!

14 | Be healed at the Roldal Stave Church

We sought refuge in the Roldal Stave Church during an impending rainstorm where legend has it that the church crucifix has healing properties. Once a year the crucifix overhanging the altar sweats and the sweat is believed to have healing properties.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-29
Roldal Stave Church
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-31
The crucifix with its legendary healing powers on a midsummer night

15 | Feel the raw power of a glacier at Nigardsbreen

Who doesn’t want to come face to face with the ancient blue ice of a glacier? The Nigardsbreen glacier is the most easily accessible part of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, the largest in mainland Europe. We reached the base of Nigardsbreen after a short hike and stood in awe at the incredible force of nature. The creaks and groans of the icefall both terrified and excited us in equal measure and the deep blue wall of ancient ice is a sight we’ll never forget!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-32
The Nigardsbreen Glacier
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-33
The incredible glacier lake

16 | Make footprints in the snow!

Nothing beats running through a fresh fall of untouched snow and, in a country which spends most of its winter covered in snow, Norway offers the perfect opportunity to experience real, knee high, perfect snow!

Norway sightseeing tip: There are 18 tourist routes in Norway which cut through some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. Their opening is weather dependent and, given snow is not unheard of even as late as May, make sure to check they are open when planning your route!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-63
Nothing beats leaving footprints in the snow!

17 | Experience the stunning scenery and dark history of Lovatnet, Lake Loen

One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the crystal clear water of Lovatnet is unlike anything you’ll see anywhere in the world. The green waters are a result of the clay particles and rock dust swept along the river from the Kjenndal Glacier at the end of the valley. A solemn lakeside memorial stands in memory of the 135 lives lost when the hamlets of Nesdal and Bødal were destroyed by a tidal wave caused by huge rocks falling from Mount Ramnefjell into the lake below.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-34
The stunning green hues of Lovatnet, Lake Loen

Where to Stay at Lake Loen

  • Sande Camping: We stayed in a cosy cabin at Sande Camping overlooking Lake Loen and it was one of our favourite nights in Norway. Waking up to the beautiful Lake Loen scenery in the morning was simply out of this world. This are the only cabins overlooking Lake Loen so make sure to book ahead – Check prices now!
  • Nesset Fjordcamping: A great alternative is the nearby fjord town of Olden, around a 10minute drive from Lake Loen. Nesset offers beautiful cabins overlooking the fjords for most group sizes – Check prices now!
  • Oldevatn Camping: A 20minute drive from Lake Loen, Oldevatn offers cottages overlooking the nearby fjord surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Definitely consider here if the other two are full– Check prices now!

Click here for the best places to stay at Lake Loen

18 | Heddal Stave Church

The largest of the Stave Churches in Norway, Heddal is also one of its prettiest. Dating back to the 13th Century the fairytale Church is serene and well preserved. We visited during a practice for an organ concert and the atmosphere was incredible as the musical notes filled the Church.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-35
Haddal Stave Church

19 | Step back in time at the Vega Islands

The Vega Islands are an archipelago of 6,500 islands tucked away off the western coast of Norway. It’s one of the most remote and ruggedly beautiful places we’ve visited and is really worth a days detour to visit. We loved the quiet isolation the UNESCO World Heritage islands offered.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-36
Vega Island life

20 | Sail the Norwegian fjords

Cutting through the icy fjord waters a journey on the Norwegian ferries provides some of the most spectacular views of a Norway road trip! We took over 20 ferry rides on our road trip and they were definitely a highlight of our trip!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-37
Ferry views

21 | Travel the troll road at Trollstigen (The Trolls Ladder)

The Troll Road, or Trollstigen, is an adrenaline inducing stretch of road in Fjordland Norway with a phenomenal viewing platform at the very top. Reaching the viewing area was a little scary due a fresh fall of snow when we visited but the incredible views were worth the effort!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-39
The Trollstigen Viewing platform
The Trollstigen Viewing platform
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-38
Mind your step!

22 | Take a scenic bathroom break!

With incredible scenery around every corner, the views are uniformly spectacular throughout Norway but this one took us by surprise. Stopping for a rest as we approached Oslo we needed a bathroom break and we were in luck: with scenic views of the train tracks and the fjord below, we enjoyed the most beautiful bathroom views of our travels!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-79
Even the bathrooms have great views!

23 | Drive one of the world’s greatest road trips: Atlantic Road

Widely known as one of the most beautiful roads in the world and voted Norway’s engineering feat of the century, the Atlantic road is an 8.3km stretch of immaculately designed road that weaves across the rugged Atlantic coast. It’s difficult to describe how ruggedly stunning this road is. Not only is it really fun to drive as it snakes up and down across the archipelago but the viewing points along the road make you feel like the power of the Atlantic is right beneath your feet.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-43
Ready to take on the Atlantic Road
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-44
The scenic Atlantic Road

24 | Stand on the Arctic Circle

Driving to the Arctic circle in Norway. It sounded crazy, the distances were crazy and the timings were crazy but then, we’re crazy when it comes to our travel bucket list! 24hour brightness and the chance to stand in the Arctic were too great a temptation and, before we knew it, a visit to the Arctic Circle was pencilled into our Norway route. A line of rock pillars stretched into the horizon on either side marking the invisible Arctic Circle line of latitude and the only noise was the occasional passing car and the chirping of birds as they played in the eternal sunset. Bliss!

Norway sightseeing tip: Read more about our Arctic Circle adventures here!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-46
We made it! The Arctic Circle!

25 | Embrace the traditional way of life

The further North we travelled the more we noticed the strong remnants of a more traditional Norweigan way of life. Small fishing towns with little in the way of modern amenities reflect the Arctic surroundings and we embraced the step back in time and total escape from reality.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-76
A remote fishing town on the Vega Island
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-75
Air drying fish behind the nets

26 | Gudbransjuvet Waterfall

Rushing streams and plunging canyons thunder under the beautifully designed walkway at the Gudbranjuvet waterfall. It’s the perfect pit stop after heavy rains when the waters are frothy and angry!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-52
Fab views at Gudbrandsjuvet
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-54
Beautiful walkway!

27 | Experience the midnight sun or the northern lights

40% of Norway sits above the Arctic Circle: in summer this area experiences the midnight sun and in winter the northern lights twinkle across the night sky. We were there during the summer and experienced the weird phenomenon of the 24hour brightness of the midnight sun. Imagine the birds singing the trees, joggers on the streets in the middle of the night and enjoying a beer in the sunlight despite it being 3am in the morning. It was both confusing and enjoyable!!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-45
Midnight sun at the Arctic Circle

28 | Walk in the footsteps of giants at the Gloppedalsura Boulder Field 

The Gloppedalsura boulder field was formed over 10,000 years ago when the ice sheet engulfing the area melted and giant boulders and rocks were sent tumbling down the mountainside. We felt like tiny specs in a giant world scrambling over the boulders!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-56
Driving through the boulder field

29 | Borgund Stave Church

Another of Norway’s Stave Church offerings, Borgund was built in 1180 and is dedicated to Andrew, one of the 12 Apostles. The well preserved Stave Church has beautiful carvings which have served the test of time.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-47
Borgund Stave Church
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-48
Intricate carves at the Borgund Stave Church

30 | Explore the quaint Roros Mining Town

Time seems frozen in the secluded mining town of Roros. It was founded in the 17th Century when copper ore was discovered in the area and the colourful narrow streets and wooden buildings are a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-50
A step back in time in Roros
Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-51
Colourful buildings in Roros

31 | Take an iconic Norway hike

Trolltunga, the Romsdalseggen Ridge, Pulpit Rock, Kjerag Norway has a list of iconic hikes to rival anywhere in the world with views that are beyond belief.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-65
All paths lead to stunning views

32 | Discover the history of the fierce Viking warriors

Vikings travelled far and wide throughout Europe over one thousand years ago conquering vasts amount of territory and they even ruled Norway at one point. There are many glimpses into the Viking past throughout the country.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-68
A viking boat on the fjords

33 | Indulge in local market life

From Farmers Markets to Fish Markets Norway has a blossoming market scene and they offer the perfect opportunity to meet the locals and indulge in the best of fresh Norweigan food.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-67
Bergen market fun

34 | Feel lost in the vastness of Sonjefjorden

Sonjefjforden is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway and extends from coast to mountains. Endless water views and dramatic scenery make this a Norway must see along with its most famous arm, the UNESCO World Heritage Nærøyfjorden.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-55

35 | Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Norway, 6 cultural and 1 natural and they’re some of the highlights of Norway and this list! Take a detour to Bryggen, the Urnes Stave Church, the Vega Islands, Roros Mining Town, Struve Geodetic Arc, the Rock Art of Alta or the Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Site and tick a UNESCO of your list!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-78
I spy a UNESCO!

36 | Enjoy a spectacular coffee break

Norway’s rest stops are legendary with scenic viewpoints around every bend! We ate breakfast overlooking fjords, had lunch among giant boulder fields and ate dinner under the midnight sun!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-66
The way we like our coffee!

37 | Chase the Trolls

Legend has it that trolls roam the Norway roads at night and turn to stone when they are hit by the morning light, creating the mass of cliffs around the Trollstigen area. Trolls are a huge part of Norway culture and live deep in the forests and mountains of the country.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-41

38 | See double at the Latefossen Waterfalls

Norway has many beautiful waterfalls but the twin waterfalls of Latefossen are among the most stunning. The waterfalls lie close to the road and a series of bridges provide a stunning view.

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-18
Latefossen Waterfalls

39 | Escape to a secluded cabin

Despite our good intentions to camp every night of our road trip on some occasions we couldn’t resist the quaint little campsite cabins which dotted our route. Hot chocolates, warm showers and heating were too tempting and they’re incredibly cute into the bargain!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-73
Our little house on the hill!

And finally…

40 | Travel as far as you can!

Norway is an incredible country with so much to see and do. We used every second of our trip to extend our road trip to as much of the country as we could. We managed to make it as far as the Arctic Circle but we have big plans… the Lofoten Islands and the Northern Lights we have our eye on you!!

Norway Ultimate Must See Sights Road Trip-74
Heading North and pondering how far we’ll get!

So there you have, 40 incredible Norway sights and experiences to add to your road trip bucket list! Let us know if we missed any of your favourites!

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  1. Wow! Love all the images! You went to a lot of places. How long were you in Norway? It’s climbing higher and higher on my list! Thanks for this…it’s quite inspiring!!

  2. I’ve visited Norway before but would love to go back as there so much to explore. I loved reading your post and will definitely be referring to it in the future when I (hopefully) visit Norway again.

  3. These are such great ideas of things to do! Makes me want to go to Norway right now! 🙂 I love all of the camping ideas too since thats what I plan to do!

  4. Fantastic post. So many places in Norway I still have yet to visit. As expensive as Norway car rentals were not that expensive so I am keen to see a lot of the places you have mentioned above next year.

  5. I spent all last week looking up Norway destinations, as I just learned about the free stopover to Iceland on your way to Europe. So I thought why not go to both for the northern lights! Im excited to look into more of these!

  6. Hello. We are planning our trip for next month and you gave us very good tips. Could you please confirm the name of the best Geirangerfjord viewpoint? I haven’t found information about “Sunmore Viewpoint”.

    • Hi Christiano, glad you liked the article and hope you have fun. Apologies – I named the viewpoint incorrectly. The best viewpoint of Geirangerfjord is from a viewpoint called “Flydalsjuvet”. That’s where we took the photo from. I’ve updated the article for this – thanks for pointing it out and let us know how you get on!

  7. Amazing post. I can’t get over those churches. So unique and beautiful. I hope we get to see one on our upcoming trip to Norway.
    Loved all your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rachel – we visited Norway at the beginning of May. Its a shoulder season for visting. While there were very few tourists around we had to deal with road closures due to the snow which was unpredictable. We’re working on an itinerary at the moment. If you sign up to the newsletter above you’ll get a notification when we post it!

    • Hi Lauren

      We found as we went – it really just depended where we ended up as it got late! We went in June so it was quiet, it might be necessary to book at peak season. They were around 40 bucks to 70 a night I think but it depends on size/bathroom situation!

  8. Hi, what a great collection!!! We are going next week for a weeks drive round South and central Norway. I’ve got most of the route planned(working round all the snow closures). We sleep in our own converted land rover camper but looking for cabins for a couple of nights and love the look of the ones in Nærøyfjord you stayed in. Do you happen to have the name of them?

  9. I greatly enjoyed all you shared with us. My wife and I are visiting Norway in late May – early June this year. Do you recommend a site/s that identifies lookout points near the roadway for someone that is renting a car and may not be able to hike very much.

    • Hi John

      I’m not sure of any sites that cater to that but the Norway tourist board sites were very good and had a lot of information on the viewpoints.

      Have a great trip!

  10. Great list! We are planning a trip to Norway and plan to spend much of our trip camping. We’d love a tent view like #2 on your list (Wake up in Lysefjord). Is that view from a campground or just a spot you found along the way? If a campground, could you provide the name of it? Thank you!


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